Mortuary Science Major

Department of Biology and ChemistryWhy study Mortuary Science?

The Mortuary Science major will prepare you for a career as a mortician or funeral director. You will have the opportunity to serve other people during a most stressful time of loss, pain, and grief. This major combines the study of behavioral, physical, and applied sciences with the intent of preparing you for a career as a knowledgeable, skilled, and innovative funeral service professional. As a graduate, you will be able to serve with competence, dignity, and caring.


Students complete 90 credits, including the general education requirements and the 26 credits in science and psychology that make up the major, at Upper Iowa, first. They are awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science upon completion of the requirements for a diploma from an accredited school of mortuary science which has an articulation agreement with UIU.

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Career opportunities

Students will receive training in biology and chemistry that will prepare them for a school of mortuary science. Students will receive training in psychology that will prepare them for working with clients.

After graduation, from a school of mortuary science, you will have the title of:

  • Mortician
  • Funeral Director


100% of Upper Iowa mortuary science majors are accepted into a school of mortuary science.

Take it from our faculty

“Many states are requiring that morticians earn a four-year degree in order to be licensed. Our 3+1 program, which articulates with an accredited school of mortuary science, gives Upper Iowa students the opportunity to earn a four-year degree in mortuary science and be eligible for licensure in all 50 states.”

Dr. Rick Klann
Delano Professor of Science

Take it from our student

It’s an honor to lead people through probably one of their most challenging adjustments in their lives. Compassion is extremely important and this reminds me that I am a sensitive person more than people think. I always remember to “hold on to the love, not the loss.””

Melissa Dehoyos
Attending a school of Mortuary Science

Job outlook (2012-22)

  • Funeral Service Occupations*
    • Job outlook: 12% increase
    • Wages: The median annual salary for funeral service occupations was $51,600 in 2012, or $24.81 per hour.
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*Taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Mortuary Science is offered at the following Upper Iowa University location:

  • Residential Fayette campus