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Management Minor

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Choosing a minor field of study is optional. A minimum of 15 semester hours of separate identifiable semester credits must be earned for each minor that is declared. The same course may not be used in a major and a minor or among multiple minors unless the course is a required course (not part of a “select” area) in both the major and the minor or among multiple minors.


  • BA 361 Human Resources Management (3 credits)
  • BA 423 Production and Operations Management (3 credits)

Plus Four of the Following (12 credits):

  • BA 303 Business Law II
  • BA 362 Supervision
  • BA 370 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • BA 403 Internship OR
  • BA 499 Special Project
  • BA 411 Labor Relations and Negotiation
  • ACCT 422 Cost Accounting
  • BA 445 Contemporary Topics in Management
  • BA 454 Management Cases

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