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We are here to be supportive and work with you on personal concerns. As a reminder, we are not an emergency service. Should you experience a mental health emergency, please contact your local police department and report to the nearest emergency room.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please reach out via email, call Student Life at 563.425.5215, or schedule an online appointment via the links to the menu to the right. If we cannot counsel you because of location and licensure, we will help to locate resources for you in your area.

Your Local Resources

UIU LocationResourcePhone
AlexandriaCandy Vandevelde318-269-5210
AlexandriaCounseling Works318-239-7602
AlexandriaKatherine Johnson Holloway318-333-3486
AlexandriaKeith Fox 318-217-8068
AlexandriaKevin Boudreaux 318-269-7702
AlexandriaKristen Deville 318-545-2451
AlexandriaLauren Callahan318-536-8058
AlexandriaMeghan Borne Kilbert504-569-5447
AlexandriaRick Fridrick 318-232-4308
AlexandriaRobin Arnold 318-225-9803
AlexandriaSheila Fontenot318-750-2561
AlexandriaSherry W. Perkins318-775-0624
AlexandriaZachary Tyler Veuleman 318-269-7902
Baton RougeAndrea Farris Palmer 225-209-9541
Baton RougeCarrie Tucker 225-351-7901
Baton RougeChuck Bradley225-928-8557
Baton RougeDoug White & Associates225-372-5305
Baton RougeEdith Fonseca 225-435-4963
Baton RougeJennifer Robert Jones225-288-0909
Baton RougeKimberlee Riles-Stewart
Baton RougeLibby Knox225-307-3467
Baton RougeNicole Falgoust225-330-7097
Baton RougeRachel Garrison 225-475-3592
Baton RougeRayme Falgout225-206-5843
Baton RougeSharon Evans225-659-9403
Cedar RapidsAlyssa McDowell 319-725-2095
Cedar RapidsAnthony J Mielke319-250-2370
Cedar RapidsAscent Therapy Group319-286-4546
Cedar RapidsAssociates for Behavioral Healthcare- UnityPoint Health 319-396-1066
Cedar RapidsBeacon Inclusive Therapy Services319-435-1693
Cedar RapidsCaleb Hess319-214-7859
Cedar RapidsCedar Rapids Counseling Center319-320-7506
Cedar RapidsCedar Rapids Counseling Professionals319-558-9529
Cedar RapidsCollaborative Counseling Group319-382-5053
Cedar RapidsCovenant Family Solutions888-336-9661
Cedar RapidsDaniel Patrick MacLennan
Cedar RapidsElizabeth Renee Watters319-727-1795
Cedar RapidsEmilie Sommers 319-214-7646
Cedar RapidsErin Forbes319-670-3545
Cedar RapidsHarmonic Family LLC319- 325-2988
Cedar RapidsHeather Morgan-Sowada319-774-6546
Cedar RapidsInsight Therapy Group319-382-8660
Cedar RapidsIsenhour Counseling LLC319-325-2988
Cedar RapidsJ. D. Neubauer319-271-3518
Cedar RapidsJason Cleveland 319-264-2508
Cedar RapidsLaren Garrett 319-264-1984
Cedar RapidsLaura Crow319-250-2568
Cedar RapidsLeona Childs319-264-2943
Cedar RapidsLindsay Miles319-519-4375
Cedar RapidsMolly Chambers319-327-8120
Cedar RapidsMurray, Wilson, and Rose | Counseling and Behavioral Services 319-250-1267
Cedar RapidsNicole Moore319-224-8986
Cedar RapidsPaige Keppler 515-717-3584
Cedar RapidsPrism Therapy Group, LLC319-208-2150
Cedar RapidsReflection Point Studio 319-596-6800
Cedar RapidsRemi Andrews 319-264-2915
Cedar RapidsSound Mind Therapy PLLC319-481-2230
Cedar RapidsSusie (Kilburg) Murray 319-774-3494
Cedar RapidsToni Neta319-657-5097
DeRidderChristy Pennison318-232-4574
DeRidderJeremy Erwin337-467-8653
DeRidderKendra Froemming337-201-9078
DeRidderKimberly Simms337-329-9279
DeRidderLakitria Johnson337-786-5007
DeRidderLisa Brune337-447-4700
DeRidderMary Bienvenu337-326-4957
DeRidderSheila Fontenot318-750-2561
DeRidderTara Skinner337-201-9226
DeRidderTori Mays 318-407-6436
DeRidderWinnie Bien Aime337-221-4596
Des MoinesAffinity Therapy and Counseling515-669-8111
Des MoinesBrett Vitzthum515-209-3184
Des MoinesDes Moines Therapy and Consulting, PC515-635-0213
Des MoinesDevon Gilliland-Minard515-512-5902
Des MoinesForward Consulting, LLC515-410-1716
Des MoinesFull Circle Therapy712-352-0917
Des MoinesHayden Finch515-444-5813
Des MoinesHilary Johnson515-375-5576
Des MoinesHope & Healing Counseling, LLC515-421-4367
Des MoinesInnovative Learning Professionals515-270-0280
Des MoinesIntegrative Counseling Solutions, Inc.515-267-1340
Des MoinesJasmin Howard 515-316-2039
Des MoinesJason Stark515-361-3714
Des MoinesJim Hanson515-446-7273
Des MoinesJoe Nixon515-608-8874
Des MoinesMaggie Suits515-220-2929
Des MoinesMarshall Abbe515- 212-7858
Des MoinesNatalie Lonsdale Gruss515-421-4370
Des MoinesOpen Hearts Therapy 515-400-7845
Des MoinesRelationship & Intimacy Center515-505-8313
Des MoinesSusin Bredice515-512-4658
FayetteAbbe Center319-334-4010
FayetteAmy Roling- Inspiring Counseling & Coaching319-313-7681
FayetteConrad Counseling & Family Services 641-394-2505
FayetteFull Circle 319-233-3813
FayetteHolly Cashen 319-483-7321
FayetteKaren Haas Misseldine 563-202-2189
FayetteLighthouse Professional Counseling563-382-1900
FayetteNortheast Iowa Behavioral Health 563-382-3649
FayetteNortheast Iowa Mental Health 319-283-5774
FayettePeladija's Therapy and Counseling Services319-313-5041
Fort Johnson
ABC Wellness Group 337-401-4686
Fort Johnson
Caring Choices337-238-6431
Fort Johnson
Carla Reeves 337-508-0329
Fort Johnson
Christy Pennison Alexandria, LA
Fort Johnson
Jeremy Erwin 337-467-8653
Fort Johnson
Kendra Froemming337-201-9078
Fort Johnson
Kimberly Simms 337-329-9279
Fort Johnson
Lakitria Johnson 337-786-5007
Fort Johnson
Lisa Brune 337-447-4700
Fort Johnson
Mary Bienvenu 337-326-4957
Fort Johnson
Sheila Fontenot 318-750-2561
Fort Johnson
Tara Skinner 337-201-9226
Fort Johnson
Thrive Unburdened337-221-4596
Fort Johnson
Tori Mays 318-407-6436
Fort Johnson
Winnie Bien Aime337-221-4596
Fort Riley365 Days 365 Chances Counseling Services785-264-4094
Fort RileyAndrews & Associates Counseling 785-831-4589
Fort RileyCharles Tullis 404-383-9236
Fort RileyJaida Mosier785-509-7840
Fort RileyJessica Manny-Flynn785-264-4291
Fort RileyKaylee Andsager 785-384-8746
Fort RileyNora Eggers229-252-2084
Fort RileyOphelia Blackwell
Charity Faith & Hope Counseling
Fort SillAlanna Taormina 707-693-4465
Fort SillCat Mitchell 580-370-7225
Fort SillDavin Kenneth Delker 580-207-7027
Fort SillDebra Lynn Gallardo580-377-1238
Fort SillJacob Slagle 580-308-3049
Fort SillJennifer Baker580-258-7860
Fort SillJim Taliaferro Community Mental Health Center 580-248-5780
Fort SillLasonia Renee Rogers 580-307-6163
Fort SillMisty Tafao 405-294-1491
Fort SillOpen Arms Behavioral Health 580-351-9998
Fort SillRosemarie Jones580-203-0759
Fort SillSouthwestern Behavioral Health Center580-536-0077
Fort SillVernon Nelson Butler 580-200-8144
New Orleans Adam Rivas(504) 434-7655
New Orleans Anais Plasketes334-219-4241
New OrleansAnnie Rooney(504) 285-4076
New OrleansAshley Fletcher 337-221-9414
New Orleans Catie Lynch Shockey504-437-1900
New Orleans Fay Kimbrell (504) 233-6441
New OrleansGarden District Mental Health 504-315-1830
New Orleans Jennifer Keith (504) 576-9768
New OrleansJoy McElveen 504-553-3410
New Orleans Keith Chazin (504) 285-7275
New Orleans Kristin Turner (504) 684-5311
New Orleans Laura Simpson Blake (504) 684-2028
New Orleans Leigh Anne Terrebonne 504- 608-5712
New OrleansMaretae Wright 504-285-2360
New OrleansMary Muller(504) 290-0560
New OrleansMegan Murphey(504) 434-0613
New OrleansMonica Cazes504-353-9948
New OrleansNiquelle Lackings504-229-3242
New Orleans Susan Noble (504) 684-5356
Quad Cities Annie Hart Vaughn563-239-6164
Quad Cities Burt E. Bolt563-202-2143
Quad Cities Clock Inc: LGBT+ Community Center309-558-0956
Quad Cities Courtney Nolen563-500-2566
Quad Cities Creative Counseling for Healthy Living, LLC309-429-8959
Quad Cities Family Counseling & Psychology Center563-355-1611
Quad Cities Family Counseling and Psychology Center309-788-6374
Quad Cities Flaherty Counseling & Consulting563-232-1878
Quad Cities Kelly McReynolds563-202-2265
Quad Cities Life Connections 877-878-6606
Quad Cities Melissa Maranda563-265-8660
Quad Cities Michael Anthony Cox563-235-2891
Quad Cities Nathan Douglas Mccarty563-554-6097
Quad Cities Psychology Health Group563-359-4049
Quad Cities QC Counselor 563-424-2016
Quad Cities Quad City Behavioral Health Associates309-558-0258
Quad Cities Quad City Psychotherapy563-265-1529
Quad Cities Southpark Psychology309-797-2900
Quad Cities Strength & Serenity Counseling563-228-8810
Quad Cities Thrive Counseling of the Quad Cities, PLLC563-293-3340
WaterlooBen Fienup319-260-2149
WaterlooBlack Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center319-234-2893
WaterlooCathy Rottinghaus319-220-4572
WaterlooCedar Falls Counseling Associates319-277-4383
WaterlooCedar Valley Counseling Services319-277-4383
WaterlooEmily Allaire319-281-0342
WaterlooKylie Russell 319-601-8078
WaterlooMercyOne Waterloo Behavioral Health Care319-272-8922
WaterlooNew Directions Counseling Services319-232-2086
WaterlooOdyssey Counseling Services319-349-1046


Need Help Right Now?

Sexual and Domestic Violence Resources

Sexual and Domestic Violence Resources

Are you feeling unsafe? Need help now? Access your local and national resources for help.

Title IX Policy and Information

Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or any other education program that receives funding from the federal government. Each institution that receives federal funding must designate at least one employee as Title IX coordinator. Their duty is to oversee that Title IX is not being violated and to answer all questions pertaining to Title IX.

COVID-19 Resources

Resources for up-to-date and accurate information on COVID-19 and how to deal with some of the stress and anxiety you may be feeling.

Crisis Services

Information about mental health crises, sexual assault and local area crisis resources.

Online Resources

Need information on a topic but not sure where to look? Our online resources page provides links on a large number of  topics.

Veterans & Military Members

Whether you are a veteran or an active duty military service member, being a college student offers some unique challenges. Counseling and Wellness Services is here to offer resource information, referral information and support in navigating the world of higher education. Please stop in, send an email, or visit UIU’s Military and Veterans Service Center to learn how we can support you! Please see our Online Resources page and the links that support Vets and Active Duty Military.


It is the mission of the Counseling Department to promote the personal development and psychological well-being of all students, and to provide an environment that is conducive to growth and learning.

Free and confidential short-term counseling is available for Fayette Campus students seeking help with personal, social or emotional issues.

What Is Counseling?

Counseling is designed to help you identify behaviors or ways of thinking that are interfering with your happiness and/or ability to function, and to guide you in making the necessary changes to fulfill your personal goals.