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Since 1857, Upper Iowa University has been preparing students to succeed — in the classroom and in their communities. We are a comprehensive, private, nonprofit university firmly entrenched in Midwestern values and dedicated to providing students with the most flexible and accessible education experience possible. We offer an innovative academic model, and students choose from more than 40 high-quality bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Upper Iowa University is undergoing a transformative journey called “Reimagine UIU”. Aiming to adapt to the evolving landscape of higher education, this initiative is strategically designed to shape our organization by effectively allocating our financial and personnel resources.

In response to the demands of the education sector, our “Reimagine UIU” Strategic Plan takes a simplified approach to aligning our energy, resources, and actions in a cohesive direction. As part of this organizational structure, UIU remains committed to its core principles of providing accessible and affordable learning experiences, while also striving to address the unique needs of today’s students.

Strategic Plan Process

Upper Iowa University (UIU) underwent a comprehensive strategic planning process in 2016, which included a redesign of the University’s mission statement. As part of the strategic planning refresh process in 2023, the vision statement was reviewed and the goals and objectives under the five established priorities were updated. Subcommittees with representation from across the University were formed to undertake this process as well as a timeline to ensure timely completion. The updated mission statement and strategic plan were endorsed by the Board in June 2023.

The University employed the shared governance collaborative process to develop, approve, and implement the refreshed Strategic Plan. Each of the five strategic priorities of the institution organization were organized into committees with representatives from every area of UIU, solicited input and formed final proposals to the President’s Council and ultimately the Board of Trustees (BOT).

The strategic planning refresh project reflects UIU’s commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that the University’s goals and objectives align with its mission and vision. The involvement of stakeholders from across the University in the project ensures that the updated strategic plan reflects the needs and priorities of the entire UIU community. University goals and initiatives are measurable and align with the strategic plan, illustrating the University’s total commitment to its academic mission and purpose of providing high quality educational opportunities that are accessible to a diverse student population.

Implications on Budgeting

This plan is uniquely interwoven into our budget process. We will utilize our Strategic Priorities to realign and reallocate internal funding sources and responsibilities in ways that make our departments and schools more competitive in, and adaptive to, current and future economic conditions.