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Fayette Campus Map (Fayette, Iowa)

Fayette Campus Map

Download a PDF map of UIU’s Fayette Campus (suitable for printing)

Fayette Campus Map Key

  1. Hofmaster Apartments
  2. Edgar Fine Arts
  3. Parker-Fox Hall
  4. Colgrove-Walker
  5. Peacock Plaza
  6. Alexander-Dickman Hall
  7. President’s House
  8. Henderson-Wilder Library
  9. Liberal Arts
  10. Dorman Memorial Gymnasium
  11. Baker-Hebron Science
  12. Grace Meyer Square
  13. Andres Center for Business and Education
  14. Garbee Hall
  15. Student Center/Cafeteria
  16. Recreation Center
  17. Alumni House
  18. Winston House
  19. Lee Tower
  20. South Village I
  21. South Village II
  22. South Village III
  23. Facilities Management & Services
  24. Eischeid Softball Complex
  25. Harms-Eischeid Football Stadium
  26. Pattison Soccer Field
  27. Soccer Practice Field
  28. Football Practice Field
  29. Tennis Complex
  30. 9-Hole Disc Golf Course
  31. Low Ropes Course
  32. Robertson Woods Field (622 Mechanic St.)
  33. Peacock Arts and Athletic Center
  34. Tailgate and Shelter Area
  35. Lew Churbuck Prairie

Parking Lots
C=Commuter, E=Employee, R=Resident, V=Visitor

  1. Student Center (E V)
  2. Recreation Center (E C R)
  3. Dorman Memorial Gymnasium (E C R)
  4. Peaccock Arts and Athletics Center (E C V)
  5. Garbee Hall (R)
  6. Commuter (C)
  7. South Villages and Lee Tower (R)
  8. Hofmaster (R)
  9. Student Center Staff (E)
  10. Andres Center Faculty (E)
  11. Andres Center (E)
  12. Henderson-Wilder (V)
  13. Facilities Management & Services (E)
  14. Alumni House (E)
  15. South Campus (R V)
  16. Harms-Eischeid Football Stadium (E V)

Fayette Campus Directions

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Iowa Department of Transportation Fayette Map (PDF)

Alexander-Dickman hall in the fall on Upper Iowa's Fayette campus

Fayette Campus Virtual Tour

Tour our beautiful Fayette Campus—from anywhere!