Financial Management Major

Why study Financial Management?

Whether seeking careers in private or public companies, the UIU School of Business major in financial management provides the skills to:

  • Manage and foster teamwork
  • Provide an analytical assessment of financial opportunities
  • Create and understand financial statements
  • Conduct financial analysis and management

The projected increase in employment for finance managers is 8.9% and for financial analysts 15.5% from 2012 – 2022 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).


The UIU program provides an integrated curriculum in financial management including:

  • Investments
  • Small business management
  • Strategic management
  • International finance

Career opportunities 

Obtaining a degree in financial management at UIU prepares you for a career in:

  • Financial operations
  • Analysis
  • Personal financial advising
  • Financial services sales

Job outlook (2012-22)

  • Financial Managers*
  • Job outlook: 9% 
  • Wages: The median annual salary for a financial manager was $109,740 in 2012, or $52.76 per hour.
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*Taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Financial Management is offered at the following Upper Iowa University locations:

  • Residential Fayette campus
  • Select education centers
  • Online Program
  • Select international centers