Conservation Management Major

Department of Biology and ChemistryWhy study Conservation Management?

Upper Iowa University has a highly respected conservation management program where you will experience academic and hands-on preparation for employment in the many areas of conservation management. Employment opportunities in conservation management exist in county, state, and federal government conservation agencies, as well as, non-governmental organizations and with private consultants.

You have the option to obtain a conservation management degree while at the same time obtaining a minor in biology, earth science, or criminal justice. Or you can choose to work toward accreditation to become nationally certified as an associate wildlife biologist through the Wildlife Society.

At UIU, you are given multiple opportunities to apply the skills that you have gained in the classroom to field internships, community conservation projects, and your own senior research project. Obtaining a conservation management degree at Upper Iowa University enables you to pursue various career paths including graduate school, law enforcement, biological and field technician, naturalist, and ranger positions.

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Students are required to complete BIO 403 Field Internship sometime upon reaching junior standing.  This internship provides students with direct work within an area of conservation management of their choosing while integrating and applying their knowledge about the field of conservation.  Additionally students are encouraged to work in areas of conservation management prior to that experience to learn what area of conservation management they may wish to specialize in.  Faculty at Upper Iowa have good relationships with many local agencies continue to partner with us due to the great work our students do.

Many classes have outdoor laboratory components where conceptual concepts are integrated into real world management practices used by professionals in various fields of conservation.  Students will also learn about the variety of ecosystems that they may work in as they move out in the world.

Career opportunities

Obtaining a Conservation Management degree at Upper Iowa University enables you to pursue various career paths including:

  • Graduate school
  • Law enforcement
  • Biological and field technician
  • Naturalist
  • Ranger positions

Skills you will master

While gaining a strong foundation for organismal biology and ecology, students will have the opportunity to use tools of the industry and measurement techniques used by conservation management practitioners.  Students will also further develop their oral and written communication skills that are necessary for communicating with various stakeholders

Take it from our student

“College is really the time for you to shine. This will be the platform for which you base your career choices.  Upper Iowa gave me the skills I needed to be a diverse and well-rounded potential employee in the conservation career field. The professors at Upper Iowa don’t just want to see you graduate; they want to see you thrive. In choosing Upper Iowa, I made the conscious choice to excel in my career.”

Katie Zimmerman: Conservation Management, 2007, Executive Director, Ringgold County Conservation, Iowa

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Conservation Management is offered at the following Upper Iowa University locations:

  • Residential Fayette campus
  • Select education centers