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Department of Biology and ChemistryWhy study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the science of matter.  Matter comprises nearly everything you interact with on a daily basis.  Through various courses in chemistry, you will examine the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter.  Just as the horizons for studying matter are nearly limitless, so are the career opportunities in chemistry.  The curriculum at Upper Iowa University is designed to prepare you for a stimulating career in the field of chemistry, including (but certainly not limited to) work in laboratories, secondary education, forensics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, business, and environmental studies.  If working in any of these fields sounds like a challenging and exciting career choice for you, major in chemistry at UIU. 

UIU offers a unique, student-centered chemistry program that gives you access to faculty and modern instrumentation from the very beginning of your undergraduate career.  Our two- or three-class-per-term system allows you to focus on courses while still getting in-depth coverage of material.  We have faculty who get to know you so you can feel confident in that recommendation for your summer internship, job application, or further educational opportunities in graduate or professional schooling.  


The UIU chemistry major offers foundational courses in chemistry, mathematics, and physics followed by advanced courses from each of the five sub-disciplines of chemistry (organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry). 

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Career opportunities

Students graduating with a degree in chemistry from Upper Iowa have gone on to:

  • Be successful in graduate school and academia
  • Be successful in medical school
  • Be successful in chiropractic programs
  • Enter positions in industry/lab tech

UIU chemistry majors have a 75% acceptance rate into graduate or professional programs.

Students graduating with a degree in chemistry from Upper Iowa are generally well prepared for:

  • Employment in a laboratory setting
  • Quality assurance/quality control work
  • Graduate or professional school

Skills you will master

Students studying in the Chemistry program will develop mental discipline and habits of mind, including such skills as creative problem-solving, critical thinking, analysis, scientific literacy, and communication.   Majors in chemistry are also trained in current research practices.

Job outlook (2012-22)

  • Chemists and materials scientists*
    • Job outlook: 6% increase
    • Wages: The median annual salary for a chemist and materials scientist was $73,060 in 2012, or $35.13 per hour.
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*Taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Chemistry is offered at the following Upper Iowa University location:

  • Residential Fayette campus