Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts Major

Why study Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts?

This 48-credit-hour major is designed for students with varied interests, who want a bachelor's degree but who also want their educational experience to be wider rather than deep. This major is also suited for transfer students bringing a large number of credits to UIU. 

Learning outcomes

  1. Students will understand the relationship between an area of interest and its historical context and development.
  2. Students will use critical and creative thinking strategies to approach problems posed within an area of interest.
  3. Students will understand artistic and literary traditions both in their historical contexts and across cultures.
  4. Students will understand political processes and their historical contexts.
  5. Students will be able to construct, organize and deliver a message, and adapt it to an identified audience and situation.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is offered at the following Upper Iowa University locations:

  • Residential Fayette campus
  • Select education centers
  • Online Program
  • Self-Paced Degree Program