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Visit the Student Life office on the second floor of the Student Center to learn more about our recognized clubs and organizations and engaging in your college experience at Upper Iowa University.

Have a passion or hobby that you want to share with others? Start your own club! Take the first step by reaching out to the Student Life office on the second floor of the Student Center. They can help you get started and help connect you with like-minded individuals who share your interests and goals. With their guidance, you can bring your vision to life and make a positive impact on your community.

Club and Org Forms

Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations

Best Buddies

Best Buddies mission is to spread inclusion to all by creating friendships with individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities within our community.

Beta Phi Omega

Brothers of Beta Phi Omega are university men who embody the spirit of Brotherhood in order to assist each other in achieving our academic and personal goals.  We are a proud fraternity that acknowledges diverse cultures and heritages.  We represent our people in the world of academia and we are determined to be positive role models and, above all, leaders in our communities.  We are a multicultural brotherhood, which is committed to making a difference through Honesty, Unity, Integrity, and Leadership among our members.

“The Beta Phi Omega Panther shall not be worn by every man, but only by he who is worthy to wear it.  He must be a gentleman…a man of honor and courage…a leader…an intelligent man…a man of truth…one who tempers action with wisdom and above all else.”

Beta Theta Omgea

Beta Theta Omega (BTQ) is an organization striving to promote academic excellence, pride, self-respect, personal integrity, and unity among women.

Our goals are to;

  • Provide intellectual, cultural, and, social development opportunities throughout the campus community.
  • Promote and assist Upper Iowa University in providing an atmosphere conducive to academic, social, and cultural growth.
  • Promote and provide opportunities for the members of Beta Theta Omega to develop and strengthen self-confidence and personal integrity.
  • Promote an awareness of the history and culture of women.
  • Raise the political consciousness of the members of Beta Theta Omega and the community, emphasizing, but not restricting, issues that affect women.
  • Promote unity among students, faculty, and staff regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and political or Greek affiliation.


The sorority of EYE is the oldest working organization on campus. As a service-centered group, EYE holds annual fundraisers and events for various social causes including PTSD and sexual assault awareness. We seek to encourage campus involvement, leadership development, and service opportunities. We strive to empower our members by creating and an environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, or sexual orientation. Our greatest commitment lies in providing unwavering support to one another throughout our collegiate journey and beyond.

Esports Club

Our UIU Esports Club is dedicated to fostering a community of passionate gamers who share a common love for competitive gaming. We aim to provide a platform for skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship, creating an inclusive environment where members can engage, compete, and celebrate the vibrant world of esports. Through collaboration and dedication, we strive to elevate our members’ gaming experiences and contribute to the growth and recognition of esports within our community. Join the UIU Discord Channels by scanning the QR code below!

QR code for UIU Esports Discord


We, as FTF, work together to build a united and unique community based on brotherhood and service to our campus and community. We strive to promote leadership opportunities, life skills, and campus involvement. As a Greek community, we are committed to helping each other in our college endeavors, as well as in our lifelong journey.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is a group on campus working to seek more UIU students transformed by Jesus Christ. We desire to see every coach and athlete enter into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church. We seek to make disciples through our strategy of engaging, equipping, and empowering coaches and athletes at Upper Iowa to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same.


International Student Association

Our mission is to promote the integration of International Students into the institution, connecting them with the local community, staff, and students; promoting their well-being, and assisting them in adapting to a new culture and environment. Providing support to International Students with information for their student and professional careers. By sharing experiences and different cultures within the student community.

Kappa Zeta Tau

This organization aims to promote and create positive relationships with the Upper Iowa campus and the surrounding community.

Peacock Allies

Peacock Allies provides programming and support in the hopes to aid the retention and thriving of LGBTQ+ students at UIU. Members of Peacock Allies share a passion to create a safer, more inclusive, LGBTQ+ community and encourages political change for the purpose of creating a more fair and just world. Our goal is to create a culture where students can advocate for equity, inclusion, and social justice on behalf of themselves and others.

Peacock Entertainment Crew

The Peacock Entertainment Crew (PEC) strives to provide entertaining events and activities for all students to participate in year-round.

Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentor Program is intended to match students who need guidance and additional support throughout their Upper Iowa University (UIU) experience in order to improve academic success and personal growth. In addition, this program will strive to increase retention due to the positive impact on students participating in it. PMP will offer the mentee an opportunity to connect with another UIU student, who can help them better transition to college, meet new people, connect with others who share common interest, and lend a helping hand.

Phi Beta Delta

The women of Phi Beta Delta (PBD) sorority are leaders who serve to encourage justice, preservation, & unification of women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. We challenge and engage members in community outreach and advance skills through hands on experiences.

Pre-Professional Club

The Pre-professional club works closely with their advisor and faculty to assist member students through the use of resources and guidance in their pursuit towards a graduate school in their respective field. They also help members prepare for graduate school applications along with providing resources during the application process.

Science and Environmental Club

It is the mission of the Science and Environment Club to provide enjoyable experiences for students interested in science and the environment and to create opportunities for future work experience and community involvement by building networking opportunities between students and prospective employers. We serve the community through environmental enhancement.

Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The mission of the Upper Iowa University NCAA Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by fostering an inclusive environment that:

  • promotes academic, social and leadership opportunity for all student-athletes;
  • protects the student-athlete well-being;
  • ensures student-athlete success through effective communication between athletics, administration and faculty; and
  • maintains a positive student-athlete image in our community consistent with the missions of the university, Athletic Department and GLVC.

Student Engagement Crew & Student Philanthropy Council

The Student Engagement Crew & Student Philanthropy Council is a volunteer student group serving as philanthropic ambassadors for UIU. Their goal is to inspire a tradition of giving among students. Working closely with the Alumni Office, they organize student-led fundraising (and friend-raising) projects with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and UIU spirit. Learn more: