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Social Science Bachelor's Degree

Available Online

The UIU Advantage

Are you planning a career in law, business or public administration? Studying Social Sciences offers a strong foundation that can be applied to a variety of career paths. Whether you choose to pursue post-secondary studies or teaching licensure, the Social Science program at UIU is designed to prepare you for your next step.

With small class sizes and a devoted team of faculty, you’ll get the dedicated attention you need to forge strong relationships with your mentors that will last well after graduation. Plus, the flexible course selection makes UIU a great choice for transfer students and adult learners.

Why Social Science at UIU?

When you declare the Social Science program at UIU, you’ll graduate with a well-rounded education. History, anthropology, economics, geography and political science are all touched on through your coursework, making Social Science a flexible major that can be applied to a wide range of disciplines.

Another advantage of choosing UIU for your undergrad studies is that 94% of graduates are employed or continuing their education within 12 months of graduation—proving the effectiveness of the preparation you’ll receive in your courses.

Areas of Emphasis

  • General Social Science
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Explore Your Program

Social Science Courses

See course descriptions for the classes you need for your Social Science degree, as well as any general education requirements.

Academic Calendar

Keep up with your academic program’s registration deadlines, session dates, holiday breaks and exam schedules.

Careers in Social Science

Graduates can find employment in a variety of fields, such as business; federal, state, or local government; information science; media; nonprofit administration; politics and political office; social science research; and the legal profession and law enforcement.

Timothy Wright, '19

Social Science
Self-Paced Degree Program

The reason I chose my degree was because of the choices that the degree provided for me. I was very interested in social issues at that time in my career. I think my degree will provide a better understanding of the relationship and behavior of family, juvenile kids, and students.

Majoring in Social Science

About UIU’s Social Science Degree Program

What is a Social Science degree?

Social Science majors who meet the program requirements at UIU will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science. Within the program, you can choose an area of emphasis. Options include:

  • General Social Science
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Getting your Social Science Degree Online

Get the same high-quality Social Science education that you would get from a UIU classroom, at home or in your office. Upper Iowa University offers an online Social Science degree, as well as in-person and distance learning options to meet your educational needs.

How to apply

To apply, visit our Online Application portal to create an account and start your application. Still unsure if this program is right for you? Reach out to our admissions to ask specific questions or request additional information about the Social Science program at Upper Iowa University.

Career Opportunities & Benefits

Careers in Social Science

Because social science touches nearly every aspect of the structures and services we interact with every day, there are endless opportunities to apply your learnings to a career of your choosing.

A few industries where a foundation in social science is useful include:

  • Business
  • Federal, state, or local government
  • Media
  • Nonprofit administration
  • Politics and political office
  • Social science research
  • Law enforcement

Social Science Salary Information

As with most professions, the salary range is largely determined by the specific line of work you choose, your position and responsibilities within the industry, as well as your level of experience and areas of specialty. Since Social Science is such a broad discipline, here are just a few examples of mean annual salary ranges for some specific roles within the field:

  • Marketing Manager: $154,470[1]
  • State Legislator: $63,130[2]
  • Public Relations Specialist: $62,810[3]
  • Police Officer: $70,000[4]

Benefits of a Social Science Degree

Because the Social Science program at UIU covers a broad scope of information, graduates who complete the Social Science degree are equipped with a unique perspective that translates well to managing people or social systems. After graduating with this degree, you don’t need to go into teaching or social work, you can pursue scientific research opportunities, media studies, urban planning or even politics.

Basically any position that benefits from a keen understanding of how humans operate individually and as a group is a good fit for a Social Science graduate. In fact, many people with this degree go on to hold managerial and leadership roles.[6]

Degree Requirements, Skills & Certifications

Social Sciences Courses

By examining human behavior from both an individual and group perspective, students can form connections as to how people operate and what triggers cause behavioral responses from individuals or groups.

Some key courses for the Social Science major are:

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • U.S. Government
  • Principles of Sociology
  • General Psychology

Social Science Skills

Studying the disciplines encompassed within the Social Science major will help you develop skills that go beyond the classroom. Some examples of the skills you can expect to gain through your coursework are an improved proficiency in:

  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking[7]

Best Minors for Social Science Majors

Because the Social Science degree can be applied to such a wide range of disciplines, it makes sense that a wide range of minors can be appropriately paired with the degree as well. If you’re leaning toward one particular career path, declaring a minor will help customize your experience and prepare you for the workforce.

Some of the best minors to accompany your Social Science major are:

Many graduates also go on to pursue their master or doctoral degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is Social Science? 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Social Science is the study of human society and social relationships. 

What are some examples of Social Sciences? 

  1. Anthropology 
  2. Economics 
  3. Geography 
  4. Political Science 
  5. Psychology 
  6. Sociology 
UIU Student on computer

Convenient, Focused Scheduling

UIU Social Science students have the advantage of focusing on fewer classes at once with the Two-at-a-Time schedule. Plus, convenient evening or online courses ensure your education fits your unique lifestyle.


When you’re ready to apply for your bachelor’s degree in Social Science, we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

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