Master of Sport Administration (MSA)

 Why study Master of Sport Administration?

The Master of Sport Administration (MSA) program focuses on developing a greater understanding and working knowledge of the needs within athletic departments in high school and college as well as professional sport and the sport business setting. Graduates will understand the organizational, financial, personnel and technology issues involved in sport and the sport business arena.

Career Opportunities

The most common path for the graduates of the MSA program is to become athletic directors and other sport administrators at the high school, collegiate, amateur and professional levels.  They may also become coaches, or work in civic/regional sports, facilities and event management, sport merchandising, leisure and fitness, faculty positions and no for-profit sports programs.


The Upper Iowa University Master of Sport Administration degree requires 36 semester credits of graduate level course work with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for completion. At Upper Iowa University, three semester credit courses are scheduled in five, eight week sessions and one, six week session. A full time course load is three semester credits per session.

The MSA degree provides learners with the current theories, concepts, and learning models necessary to assume administrative, coaching and leadership roles in high school, higher education and sports business settings. The degree is available with an emphasis in:

  • Sport Management

Graduates will be positioned to make significant contributions to their respective sport organizations.

MSA Vision Statement

The Master of Sport Administration Program of the School of Business and Professional Studies at Upper Iowa University is committed to establishing itself as a national leader in educating and preparing graduate students who maintain active, healthy lifestyles for leadership positions in sports organizations. Our success is dependent upon a diverse community of students, the support of alumni and friends, and faculty members who are uniquely qualified to lead the changing world of sports through valued partnerships and excellent service to sports organizations.

Master of Sport Administration (MSA) is offered at the following Upper Iowa University location:

  • Online Program