Master of Public Administration (MPA) Graduate Certificates

Certificates are offered in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Public Management, Nonprofit Organizational Management, and Government Administration. A certificate is composed of 12 graduate credits. Students are required to earn at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA in the required certification course work.

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Certificate

    Select four of the following:
  • PA 508 Terrorism and Politics
  • PA 522 Psychology and Culture of Terrorism
  • PA 523 Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Public Policy
  • PA 524 Leadership Issues with Critical Incidents
  • PA 525 Comparative Strategies in National Security
  • PA 526 Emergency Management: Mitigation, Recovery and Continuity
  • PA 535 Counter-Terrorism
  • PA 543 Emergency Management: Planning and Response
  • PA 555 Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis/Protection

Healthcare Management Certificate

  • PA 537 Healthcare Quality Assessment and Improvement
  • PA 539 Healthcare Informatics Technology Management
    Select two of the following:
  • PA 530 Public Policy and Healthcare
  • PA 531 Introduction to Healthcare Systems
  • PA 534 Healthcare Economics
  • PA 536 Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • PA 538 Healthcare Financial Management

Public Management Certificate

    Select four of the following:
  • PA 505 Organizational Behavior
  • PA 509 Theories of Leadership
  • PA 532 Human Resources Management in Public Organizations
  • PA 544 Productivity Improvement in Government
  • PA 545 Labor Relations and Conflict Resolution in the Public Sector
  • PA 548 Advanced Issues in Public Management

Nonprofit Organizational Management Certificate

    Select four of the following:
  • PA 515 Grant Writing and Contract Management
  • PA 541 Nonprofit Philanthropy and Fundraising
  • PA 546 Nonprofit Marketing and Public Affairs Advocacy
  • PA 547 Volunteer Recruitment and Management
  • PA 567 Board Governance and Strategic Management
  • PA 569 Government and Nonprofit Accounting and Budgeting

Government Administration Certificate

    Select four of the following:
  • PA 507 Ethics of Public Administration
  • PA 562 Seminar in Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
  • PA 563 Administrative Law
  • PA 564 Seminar in State and Local Government Management
  • PA 565 Advanced Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • PA 566 Economic Development: Theory and Practice