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Social Media Takeover Guidelines/Instructions

Takeover Goal

Share your experience(s) as a higher education professional working for Upper Iowa University or as a UIU student. Positively promote UIU to prospective and current students and/or parents, alumni and community members through visuals (photos or short videos) with captions.

What will you have to do the day of your takeover and where will you post?

Post 3-5 photos and/or short videos throughout your assigned day with captions that provide context and explanations. Depending on the platform that you were chosen to participate on, you will post to the following areas:

  • Facebook: Only post to “stories” and not as a “post”
  • Instagram: Only post to “stories” and not as a “post”
  • Snapchat: Within the Snapchat platform, like normal

Your takeover should include at least:

  1. A video or photo introducing yourself to the audience, making them aware you’re taking over the account for a day (include hometown, position/major, how you’re connected to UIU, favorite part about UIU, why you are taking over the account, etc.).
  2. A photo or short video of your environment. This could be you attending a college fair, taking a class, your office, your attendance on a trip, etc. (with or without you on camera).
  3. A photo or video to wrap up the day. Thank the audience for joining you and notify them of upcoming events if applicable to your area.

How will you get the credentials to access the account?

  • Snapchat and Instagram: You will be sent the credentials via email the day before your takeover. Be sure to check your spam folder. The credentials will be sent from [email protected].
  • Facebook: You will be added as an Editor to the Facebook account the day before your takeover. You will need to provide OCM with the email account associated with your personal Facebook account to be added.

Guidelines for UIU Account Takeovers

  1. Post only pictures/videos you are fine sharing with the rest of the world – these are real live accounts with followers (prospective students, current students, alumni, parents, community members, faculty and staff). Upper Iowa University’s Office of Communications and Marketing may share some of your posts on other platforms.
  2. Get permission to take the pictures, if necessary, from the people in your photos.
  3. Tell your friends and colleagues you’re taking over the account. Encourage them follow.
  4. Do not delete content previously shared by Upper Iowa University and log out of the account when your day is over.
  5. Do not change any of the account settings while you are logged in.
  6. Do not “friend” or “follow” members on any of the accounts.
  7. Keep the captions on your posts short – one or two lines in most situations.
  8. You may decorate your post with filters, stickers, GIFs, and drawings, but make sure they are appropriate. OCM has the right to take down anything that deems inappropriate or unprofessional.
  9. You may include links in Snaps to encourage viewers to go to a specific webpage.
  10. If you are prepared to answer questions, inform followers they can ask questions, then repeat the question (or write it as a caption) and answer it on the story. Timely response is key.
  11. Log out of the account when your day is over.


Email the Director of Social Communication and Digital Design at [email protected] or call 563.425.5227.