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Reunification Procedure

There are a wide variety of emergency situations that might require reunification of individuals. Reunification may be needed if the campus is evacuated or closed as a result of a hazardous materials transportation accident, fire, natural gas leak, flooding, earthquake, tsunami, school violence, bomb threat, terrorist attack or other local hazard.

Reunification is part of the Emergency Operations Plan and is assigned to the Operations Area.

A safe area for individuals to pick up students will be established. This pick-up area must be away from the incident area and student assembly area. In a typical release the following steps will be followed:

  • Parents or other individuals will report to the assigned area and give the name of the UIU student.
  • Parents or other individuals must remain at the pick-up area.
  • A runner will attempt to locate the student and escort the student back to the pick-up area.
  • Individuals will sign a log sheet indicating they picked up the student. The date and time will be indicated on the log sheet.
  • If the student is in the first aid/triage area, the individual will be escorted to that area for reunification.
  • Counselors, when available, will be located in the student assembly area in the event they are needed.