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Lockdown Procedure 

1.  Call 911, if you discover the threat. Also call 9-911 from campus phones or 911 from cell phones when there is an imminent threat to life. Notify those around you and anyone you can that is outside. Use judgment about safety of doing so. Lock doors.

  • Lock or confirm that someone is locking entrance doors.

2.  Move to a location within the building that has a lockable door and lock it, or:

  • Use a door wedge to secure door from inside.
  • Stack furniture in front of the door.

3.  Hide. Get out of the line of sight and fire.

  • Get away from windows, doors, and outer walls, especially basement or first floor windows and doors.
  • Crouch down in areas that are out of sight from doors and windows, such as behind furniture or the wall nearest the view from outside the room.
  • Close, cover, turn off, or lock (if possible) windows, blinds, door windows, lights, ventilation, etc.

4.  Be Quiet. Do not draw attention to yourself.

  • Don’t talk
  • Turn off audio equipment

5.  Turn off cell phones and radios or turn to vibrate.

6.  Do not exit the building when a fire alarm sounds unless:

  • You have reason to believe that there really is a fire in the building, or
  • You have been advised by a Campus Security or other recognized emergency responder to evacuate.

7.  Be ready to move, if current position is judged to be too dangerous. Be aware of possible escape routes.

8.  Campus Security, other recognized law enforcement or a UIU official will notify occupants when it is safe to resume normal activities (ALL CLEAR).