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Bomb Threat

When a Bomb Threat is Received

Threats are usually received by telephone, but they may also be received by note, letter, email, text, other social media or suspicious package. All threats will be taken very seriously and handled as if a device was present in the specific location mentioned by the person reporting the threat. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY THREAT BE IGNORED. It is very important that all threats must be reported immediately to 9-1-1 and the UIU Emergency Management Director by calling 563-425-5796.

Faculty, Staff and Student Procedures

  • Evacuate the building and take all personal items brought with you (e.g., bags, purses, backpacks, gym bags, cell phones and electronic devices) to the designated evacuation area.
  • Leave doors open as you exit.
  • All cabinets, desk, drawers, rooms and offices will be left unlocked to make it easier when spaces are searched and cleared.
  • Do not re-enter the building until given the “all clear.”

Please Note

The Campus Emergency Notification System (RAVE) will not be used for this type of event with the exception of an “all clear.”

Do not take any of the following actions as they could trigger an explosive device:

  • DO NOT key hand held radios and transmit.
  • DO NOT handle any explosive device or suspected explosive device or suspect packages.
  • DO NOT allow anyone access to or near the area of the explosive device.
  • DO NOT use cellular telephones.
  • DO NOT pull the fire alarms to evacuate any buildings.