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EDU 504 Prepared Classroom: Evidence Based Community Building

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: none
Distance Learning Options:

Teachers must meet the needs of the students in their class, regardless of setting, materials, or differing needs.  This requires knowledge and understanding of evidence-based teaching practices that have the biggest impact on student learning. Educators in this course learn and apply evidence-based teaching practices that are proven to have the biggest impact on building community in the school and classroom.  Components examined include student-teacher relationships, student-student relationship building, environmental structuring, concept mapping, deliberative practice, feedback/reinforcement, teacher clarity, teacher credibility, learner diversity, brain compatible instruction, classroom climate, strong class cohesion, physical/visual/and emotional space, and enjoyment/happiness in the learning environment.  This course provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to create a classroom culture and climate that optimizes their conditions for student learning.  This course is created and approved by Gail Boushey and Allison Behne, authors of The CAFE Book, Expanded Second Edition.