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EDU 306 Field Experience I: Elementary

Credits: 3
  • Admittance to the Teacher Education Program; Prerequisite or Corequisite: EDU 305, EDU 315, EDU 352, EDU 335, or EDU 326.
Distance Learning Options:
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This is the first of two field experience courses that provide preservice educators with an
opportunity to “see into the daily life” of the teacher so they will develop a more accurate and
complete picture of the expectations for a teacher. Students will begin to develop learning

This is the first of two field experience courses in which preservice educators gain insight into the realities of teaching with the opportunity to participate in teaching-related activities. This course involves a 40-hour placement in an elementary classroom setting. Participation in this learning community provides preservice educators with the opportunity to reflect on instructional strategies, monitor students’ progress, complete daily activities, and be an active participant in the teaching and learning process. Throughout this course, preservice educators also gain an understanding of the Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria (Standards 1-3) and are taught the UIU Lesson Plan format.