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UIU has plenty of spooky stories from the specter of alumna Zinita B. Graf. She has haunted multiple buildings on campus and made her presence felt in many ways. See the stories from UIU alums below who have had supernatural experiences!

Jann Schellhammer Henkes

I did not believe in ghosts until I lived in Graf Hall. Zinita changed my mind.

Connie Hughes-Townsend

When I went to school there, Zinita took a real dislike to me for some reason. She would come to me in my dreams and just glare at me. She caused a blackout in Fayette when I had my first role on stage in practice, showed up behind me in the mirrors in the makeup room in Colgrove-Walker, and in my dorm (Graf Hall). My roommate even swore she dropped the ceiling light globe on me; thankfully I had just changed positions as it fell and it missed me!

Deegan Family

She haunted her namesake building in Fayette, Graf Hall, now long gone. I was lucky enough to explore in 1992-94. A very scary building at night.

Suellen Adams

Anyone with a theatre degree from UIU surely knows.

Mel Lenth

There was a ghost in Graf Hall back in the early seventies!

Paul Steege

Last person to leave the theatre says 'Goodnight, Zinita.'