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Lower Tuition Costs

By learning more in less time, you can save thousands in tuition costs and associated expenses.

Focused Studies

The 15-month nursing component allows for greater engagement and focus in the healthcare setting.

Athlete Friendly

Allows students to participate more fully in athletics, which is more difficult in a traditional BSN program.

No Waiting Lists

Your spot in the BSN program is guaranteed if you maintain the minimum academic requirements.

RN-BSN Program

UIU also offers a more traditional RN-BSN program designed for registered nurses who are interested in broadening their skill sets and care perspectives.

Undergraduate Programs

See what else we offer as you earn an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or certificate in nearly 60 areas of study.

Health Services Administration

Looking to make an impact in healthcare from a business leadership perspective? This growing field might be just what you’re looking for.


Two is Better Than One

The BSN gives you the ability to practice as a nurse, while the BS in Life Sciences gives you a broader range of opportunities in the sciences.


Start Your Schooling

Let’s get things started the right way, no matter what your path or previous experience. We’ll help you with our online resources and the personal touch of dedicated admissions counselors to make sure you get to the right place.