Upper Iowa University has announced its resident assistants (RAs) for 2020-21. The RA program is a University-sponsored leadership opportunity that aims to enhance the educational experience of student leaders while helping other students adjust to on-campus living and enriching the UIU experience. In addition to providing supervision and responding to complaints, reports, requests and emergencies, RAs ensure that students benefit from a traditional college experience while attending UIU.

“As they work to provide the best college campus experience available, an RA serves as friend and mentor to all other Peacocks,” Daryl Grove, assistant dean of students, said. “Lead RAs Ibrieal Jenkins and Hogan Penny and the entire RA staff are eager to see that all students benefit from UIU’s mission to inspire success and empower lives within a safe and enjoyable residential environment. All RAs are in this six feet apart, but together at heart.”

The 2020 RAs are as follows:

Name: Ibrieal Jenkins

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Education: Birth-3rd Grade Inclusive Settings with a Reading endorsement

UIU Activities: Phi Beta Delta president, Education Club

Why I wanted to be an RA: I wanted to provide help to residents as much as my RA did was when I was a freshman. I also like interacting with my peers on Campus.


Name: Hogan Penny

Hometown: Paradise, Texas

Major: Financial and Business Management, Graphic Design

UIU Activities: Baseball and Alpha Zeta Phi (AZP)

Why I wanted to be an RA: It allows me to meet people that I normally wouldn’t.


Name: Iberus Jenkins

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Exercise and Sports Studies

UIU Activities: Men’s Track and Field

Why I wanted to be an RA: I wanted to take on the responsibility of being able to handle a residential floor and get the students involved in the school.


Name: Yi Mun Choo

Hometown: Selangor, Malaysia

Major: Business in Marketing

UIU Activities: Japanese Korean Club (JKC) vice president and International Student Association (ISA)

Why I wanted to be an RA: I wanted to gain more experiences.


Name: Cody Lawrence

Hometown: Rockford, Illinois

Major: Accounting, Finance and Business Administration with an emphasis in Global Business

UIU Activities: Men’s Bowling Team, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Student Ambassador

Why I wanted to be an RA: I love to help people, make new friends and also help others meet new friends. The position has already taught me more about responsibilities and human emotion that will help in my everyday life. I am sure there are many more such qualities to learn.


Name: Brady Krupa

Hometown: Willmar, Minnesota

Major: Business Administration with emphases in Entrepreneurship and Marketing

UIU Activities: Men’s Track and Field, Peacocks for a Cure

Why I wanted to be an RA: I wanted to increase my leadership skills and create new connections with people I might not otherwise encounter.


Name: Hannah Schutte

Hometown: Luana, Iowa

Major: Birth-Grade 3 Inclusive Settings. Endorsements in Reading, Language Arts, Special Education and Coaching

UIU Activities: Education Club, Peacocks for a Cure, Student Philanthropy, E.Y.E.

Why I wanted to be an RA: I wanted more responsibilities and to serve as a good role model for Upper Iowa. I really liked my RA last year, which is why I became one. I want to be there for students and get them more involved on Campus, like I am! This is also getting me out of my comfort zone and helping me meet new people.


Name: Grant Dieken

Hometown: Clear Lake, Iowa

Major: Secondary Education, All Social Sciences

UIU Activities: Men’s Cross Country and Track, Peacocks for Progress, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Student Athlete Mentor

Why I wanted to be an RA: It offers a unique experience that will challenge me to grow and become a better person; gives me experience working with all kinds of different people, and helps me be more prepared when I have a classroom full of students to teach.


Name: Raven Russell

Hometown: Plano, Illinois

Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology

UIU Activities: N/A

Why I wanted to be an RA: To challenge myself, create new relationships and provide help to my peers.


Name: Matt Swolley

Hometown: Indianola, Iowa

Major: Criminal Justice with a minor in Communications

UIU Activities: Criminal Justice Club

Why I wanted to be an RA: To help understand how to be a better community leader, which will help me in a future law enforcement career.


Name: Gabrielle Palomo

Hometown: Homewood, Illinois

Major: Biology

UIU Activities: Kappa Pi Upsilon (KPY) president, Science and Environmental Club secretary, Mock Trial
Why I wanted to be an RA: I became an RA after friends made the recommendation to me, and I wanted to develop new skills in a different leadership role.


Name: Shaylen Fliehler

Hometown: Buckley, Washington

Major: Exercise and Sports Studies with an emphasis in Exercise Science.

UIU Activities: Work in the Athletic Training program

Why I wanted to be an RA: To challenge myself and provide help for students who need it.


Name: Shania Christopherson

Hometown: Okoboji, Iowa

Major: Art and Psychology

UIU Activities: N/A

Why I wanted to be an RA: To make new friends and create more awesome memories.


Name: Meghan Klein

Hometown: Dysart, Iowa

Major: Forensic Science

UIU Activities: Chi Alpha

Why I wanted to be an RA: I think it creates good experiences for my future.


Name: Caitlin Schauer

Hometown: Waseca, Minnesota

Major: Marketing and Psychology

UIU Activities: Beta Theta Omega (BTQ) vice president, Student Government representative for BTQ, Peacocks for Progress secretary
Why I wanted to be an RA: I wanted to be a helpful resource for students.


Name: Alex Dombrowski

Hometown: East Hampton, Connecticut

Major: Emergency Disaster Management

UIU Activities: Women’s Bowling, Student Philanthropy Club, Greek Council

Why I wanted to be an RA: So I can help students, be closer to people on Campus, and create new relationships and opportunities.


Name: Adrian Wurtz

Hometown: West Union, Iowa

Major: Financial Management

UIU Activities: Peacocks for Progress

Why I wanted to be an RA: To challenge myself in management and leadership, and develop a stronger foundation for myself as an individual and team member.


Name: Andrew Paskey

Hometown: York, Pennsylvania

Major: Business Administration and Psychology

UIU Activities: Men’s Track and Field, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Student-Athlete Mentor, Peacocks for Progress

Why I wanted to be an RA: To provide aid to my peers with their daily lives in Fayette.