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Upper Iowa University Family Resources

Check out these resources you can use to answer questions, get prepared and offer advice to help your student succeed and thrive at UIU.

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Academic Support Resources

4 tips to support your student’s academic journey:

  1. Encourage your student to talk to their instructors and academic advisor. All faculty have office hours dedicated to meeting with students.
  2. Help break the stigma using academic resources! Encourage your student to visit the writing and tutor centers before an issue arises. Our academic resources are FREE!
  3. Include the cost of books in financial decisions. Having the materials needed for each class is essential to success.
  4. Consult the academic calendar when planning vacations or flights. Missing class (especially final exams) can be detrimental to your student

To receive accommodations in college, students have to self-identify which is different than high school. Students have to self-identify and register with my Office of Student Accessibility Services to move forward with accommodations and other advocacy needs. Please visit the Student Accessibility Services Page for more information and the application form: Student Accessibility Services | Upper Iowa University (

Campus Life

Residence Life

Fall Semester 2022 Session 1 Session 2
Charge Refund Last Date of Residence Last Date of Residence
25% 75% Week 1 Week 1
50% 50% Week 2 Week 2
100% 0% Week 3 – Week 8 Week 3 – Week 8
Spring Semester 2023 Session 3 Session 4
Charge Refund Last Date of Residence Last Date of Residence
25% 75% Week 1 Week 1
50% 50% Week 2 Week 2
100% 0% Week 3 – Week 8 Week 3 – Week 8

*Students may not make any changes to their meal plans after the first week of the semester.

  • Living on campus at UIU – POLICY 702 Residency Requirement: Important: Students must login to myUIU and complete one of two forms: Housing Application or Residency Requirement Waiver Request



Career development staff reviewing resumes.

Career Development

Be an active career development parent! Are you interested in posting a job or internship opportunity? Maybe you are an alum and want to help be a network for those entering your field? Help us make connections for current and future Peacocks by helping you as well!


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Peacock Pride Gear

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News & Events

View the myUIU calendar for upcoming news and events.

Suggestion Box

Have a suggestion or general questions? Contact Student Life today.

    Submit a Report

    Lighthouse reporting, which may be anonymous, is an option for reporting an incident. View their website, call by phone, or email. (UIU must be identified in the email).

    To submit a concern about a student’s potentially harmful behavior, email [email protected]

    Sign Up for the Family Newsletter

    The Family Newsletter is a resource for family members to stay current on deadlines, events, opportunities and happenings at UIU.