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Public Information and Media

The Vice President of External Affairs and the Office of Communications and Marketing your source for UIU information. You may reach OCM at 563.425.5773 or [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in UIU, we look forward to your call.

University Logos

The current University logo was publicly unveiled to an overwhelming positive reception for the first time on Thursday, April 20, 2017, to more than 400 people at a Logo Launch Party at UIU’s Fayette Campus, as well as many hundreds more via a Facebook Live stream to other UIU locations around the U.S. and Asia.

The previous University logo, nicknamed the “Towers” logo, had become outdated as UIU modernized its academic offerings and the brochures, websites, and other items the University used to communicate with new and current students, alumni, and others. Having already engaged an outside agency to redesign the University look and feel, it became clear that the old University logo no longer fit with the new direction. Those working on the new logo and brand were very careful to speak with a large number of students, employees, and many other friends of the University to have confidence in the image that will represent the University for years to come.


UIU currently uses the tagline “Education Built for Life” in marketing, publications and communications.

Registered Service Marks

What is a trademark and service mark?

Per the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others (e.g., brand names, slogans, logos). A service mark, which is what we technically have at Upper Iowa University (UIU or University), is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than goods. The term “trademark” is often used in a general sense to refer to both trademarks and service marks.

Which items are trademarked at UIU?

The following are registered service marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office:

  • “Upper Iowa University”
  • “UIU”
  • University logo
  • Peacock logo

Use of marks is prohibited unless permitted through the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM); license agreement through University’s licensing partner, CLC (Learfield/IMG College); or where explicitly stated. In most cases, items containing UIU logos that are used anywhere outside of a UIU location must be preapproved by OCM or be produced by a licensed partner.

Which symbol should I use?

As all four marks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the ® (circle R) symbol should be use with each mark. The TM and SM symbols are used when a mark is not registered.

Why do we need to use the circle-R symbol?

Federal and state laws govern the University’s rights to its marks and place an obligation on the University to control its marks to avoid misrepresentation of the University’s relationship to a product or service. Without proper control, the University risks losing its exclusive rights to its marks.

When should I use the circle-R symbol?

The use of the registered symbol (circle-r) is only required on items available for external distribution (non-employee and non-student) in the first use of the University logo and Peacock logo on any given item.  Use of the registered symbol is only required on the term “Upper Iowa University” in the boilerplate of press releases and on the contact section of promotional materials, stationary, and digital files that are designated for external distribution.

What uses of these marks are preapproved for internal use?

The University approves most uses of the marks that fall within the ordinary business of the University, such as:

  • Printed publications, promotional items, and advertising distributed by the University for the purpose of institutional and event promotion and recruitment;
  • Printed supplies, not for resale;
  • Items created internally by the University for internal consumption, but not for profit;
  • Items created internally by the University for external distribution, but not for resale;
  • Materials/items in relation to fundraising directly affiliated with the Office of Institutional Advancement & Alumni Development; and
  • Educational and scholarly materials created for or by the University and owned by the University for internal or external distribution either for giveaway or for resale.

Where can I learn more?

The University Name and Trademark Policy is posted to the Policies and Reporting section of this website.

The Guidelines for Internal Use document outlines additional considerations that both employees and student organizations should take into account in relation to use of UIU trademarks/service marks.


Why do I need to use a licensed vendor?

To ensure proper control and to safeguard continuing exclusive rights of our registered service marks, the University has delegated management of its marks to the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM), and has contracted with CLC (Learfield/IMG College) to assist in licensing administration. OCM and CLC are responsible for the legal protection of the marks, which includes approving users and uses of the marks. As an added benefit, these efforts help to provide consistency in our brand. Any vendor wishing to produce a product with one of UIU’s four marks must be a licensed vendor with CLC.

Orders for licensed goods are subject to the standard royalty. An organization may request an exemption from royalties by contacting OCM, though exemptions will not be granted for licensed merchandise that is sold above cost, or sold at any cost to people who are not attending or working for UIU. A royalty exemption may be requested for:

  • A product purchased by the University or a University-recognized support group, such as professional associations, employee organizations, athletic, cultural, and other interest groups for internal consumption or for sale at cost to their members. Promotional products given away by these groups are considered products for internal consumption. If the group has excess product after consumption or sale within its group, it cannot be sold to non-members, but can be given away to non-members.
  • Advertising rights to use the marks as granted in corporate sponsor agreements, consistent with Guidelines for Internal Use.

Where can I find a list of licensed vendors?

Please visit this link for a current list of licensed vendors. If your vendor of choice is not on this list, they may apply for licensing via our licensing partner, CLC (Learfield IMG College).

Other OCM Frequently Asked Questions

Use of these marks should be denoted by the registered symbol of ® (Circle R) whenever possible. Use of the registered mark is even more important when communicating with audiences outside the University. OCM should be consulted as to the use of a registered mark for external communications, except when produced by a licensed vendor or where permitted by UIU guidelines.

“Upper Iowa Univerity,” “UIU,” and the University and Peacock logos are registered marks. Do not manipulate, stretch, distort or alter University marks. No graphic may cover or clutter a mark without the expressed approval of OCM. Generic designs or graphics that may also be confusingly similar to an existing mark may not be used except as explicitly permitted by UIU guidelines.

Where can I print my publication or marketing piece?

UIU has a Print Shop that can print many items in-house and even ship them to other locations. For more information, contact them directly at [email protected].

How do I submit an edit for the University website or myUIU?

Edits and other changes to can be addressed by submitting an OCM project request form.  Please note that OCM is unable to make changes to myUIU. If you need to make a change to myUIU, please contact UIU’s IT Help Center ([email protected]).