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Apply for Aid – FAFSA

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FAFSA® – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Did you know that you might be eligible for financial aid to help pay for college? Start the process by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). The FAFSA is available starting October 1 for students who plan to attend college between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024. 

Upper Iowa University School Code: 001893 

1. Begin your FAFSA process by creating FSA ID.  This code will give you access to the FSA online systems and can serve as your legal signature.

2. Submit your FAFSA as soon as possible.  Federal student aid application can be submitted starting October 1st each year.  Federal financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply as early as possible to maximize your financial aid. Make sure to gather the information you will need to complete the FAFSA: 

    • Your driver’s license and Social Security Number 
    • You may need your parent’s Social Security Numbers and birthdates depending on your filing status 
    • Your family’s federal income tax returns 
    • W-2 forms 
    • Bank Statements 
    • Information on your family’s investments (real estate, money market funds, stocks, etc.)

3. Some states offer financial aid grants so check into your specific states requirements. 

4. Apply for the FAFSA annually.  Once this is completed each year we can create your offer letter to review for the upcoming year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

What do I need?

Get ready for the FAFSA by creating an FSA ID, a username and password combination that you’ll use to sign the FAFSA and access certain websites related to your federal student aid. 

What personal information do I need?

You will need your taxes from two years ago.

Do I need to include my parents’ tax information? 

If you are under the age of 24, not a veteran, are not married, and do not have any children

What types of aid am I applying for? 

You may be eligible for Federal grants and loans, state grants, and possibly institutional awards.

When do I need to apply?

As soon as the FAFSA becomes available October 1, you can submit your FAFSA. You will receive a confirmation email from the Central Processing Center once your information has been received. *  

 *Please allow 3-5 business days for Upper Iowa University to receive your student aid report.  

FAFSA is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Education