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Transcript Requests

Learn about the options for requesting and ordering your official UIU transcripts.

Students who have completed coursework at Upper Iowa University may obtain an official transcript upon written request to the Registrar’s Office.

Before making your request, please note: 

  • If you have an outstanding balance on your account, your transcript may not be released. To potentially allow a temporary release of your transcript, please complete the Request for Temporary Release of Financial Transcript Hold form. The completed form will be reviewed and a formal decision will be made regarding your request.  For further assistance, contact Student accounts at [email protected].
  • Refunds cannot be issued for transcript processing fees.
  • Official transcripts provided directly to you will be stamped issued to student and become unofficial if you open the envelope before providing it to your intended recipient.

Processing Fees

  • $10 per copy for transcripts by mail or electronic (2-4 day processing time)
  • $25 minimum for rush orders

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding transcript requests may be directed to [email protected] 

What is an electronic transcript? 

An electronic transcript is a secure PDF document, which is meant to be accessed electronically. Your recipient will receive an email with instructions to access the transcript. Electronic transcripts are sent via our partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse.

Are electronic transcripts official? 

Electronic transcripts are generally considered official when sent directly to your recipient. You should confirm with your recipient that they will accept electronic transcripts. 

Am I able to request an electronic transcript if I attended before 1991?

Electronic transcripts are available for anyone who attended UIU in 1991 or later. If you attended UIU before 1991, you will need to request a mailed transcript because older format transcripts are not compatible with the electronic transcript system.

I prefer not to complete my request online. How else can I submit it?

You may send a signed request via mail, email, or fax to request a paper copy of your transcript. However, if you want to order an electronic transcript, you must use the Transcript Ordering Center

How do I make a request via mail, email, or fax?

Download and print the official transcript request form.  

Can I request a transcript via phone?

No, to protect your private information, we are unable to accept transcript requests by phone. All requests must be signed, either on paper or electronically through the Transcript Ordering Center.

How do I get an unofficial transcript?

To view your unofficial transcript, login to your myUIU account. Click the Academics tab. Scroll down or select My Unofficial Transcript from the menu. Click the View Unofficial Transcript link. Once there, if you wish to print your unofficial transcript, scroll to the bottom of the transcript and click the Printer Friendly Unofficial Transcript link.

How can I request FedEx shipping/Priority Service?

UIU offers FedEx Shipping of paper copies and Priority Service for an additional fee. The minimum fee for FedEx Shipping/Priority Service is $25. Additional charges may apply depending on FedEx rates and transcript destination (such as outside of the Continental US). Delivery times are dependent on postal service and FedEx availability.