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The UIU Advantage

Ready to advance your career? UIU’s MBA program is designed for the recent college graduate or tenured professional looking to take that next step in their career. Our forward-thinking curriculum is a stepping stone for careers not just in business, but in health care, higher education, athletics and public services.

Why Master of Business Administration at UIU?

  • Complete in two years or less.
  • Distinctive, flexible schedule of 5 eight-week sessions and an accelerated six-week summer session. Start your MBA in any session—classes start every 8 Weeks
  • Our MBA is 100% online
  • The General Management emphasis allows you to select the courses that best fit your educational goals.
  • No GRE/GMAT required for those with a bachelor’s degree and 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • MBA faculty work in the fields they teach, bringing real-life experience to the classroom
  • UIU’s support staff are helpful, caring and are there for you from start to finish.

Upcoming Start Dates

Session 6: July 8, 2024
Session 1: August 26, 2024
Session 2: October 21, 2024

Areas of Emphasis

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • General Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  •  Sport Administration

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Careers with an MBA

A degree can elevate your career in a variety of fields, as seen in this sampling of positions held by alumni: actuarial analyst, base contracting officer, chief of police, director of clinic operations, HR manager, member communications manager, operational risk consultant, and quality improvement engineer.

Santiago Cordero

Santiago Cordero, '17, '20

Bachelor of Science - Human Resource Management
Master of Business Administration

One major asset that I gained from my education at UIU is that professors often encourage critical thinking, and this is one of the major aspects that carries over to the professional field. Upper Iowa has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. Before Upper Iowa I was at a crossroads, in terms of education, but this institution provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Courses and Curriculum

Upper Iowa’s Master of Business Administration degree consists of 36 credits of graduate-level coursework. With UIU’s flexible schedule of 5 eight-week sessions and an accelerated six-week summer session, you can earn your master’s in 1-2 years!

MBA Curriculum and Core

The student completes 15 semester credit hours in core requirements, three semester credit hours in the capstone, 18 semester credit hours in a chosen area of emphasis and any required prerequisite credits. Students choosing an emphasis with an elective can select courses in another emphasis or graduate program relevant to the student’s area of emphasis.

Competencies in the specific emphasis areas are developed using a curriculum that combines theory and application, giving the learner the knowledge and skills to assess business practices against theories and models, understand the creation of customer value, and assess the impact of economic systems and regulations on functional responsibilities while developing leadership roles for a sustainable business.

MBA Core

The MBA core consists of five courses, creating the diverse business background expected in business today.

  • BA 506: Organizational Strategy and Economic Change
  • BA 508: Current Issues in Corporate Law and Ethics
  • BA 511: Corporate Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  • FIN 513: Financial Management
  • MKT 504: Marketing and Product Management

Program Capstone

The MBA program closes with a program capstone, encompassing knowledge gained from the core and emphasis courses.

  • BA 590: Research Seminar

Accounting Emphasis

The Accounting emphasis integrates management skills with accounting theory and practice. The Accounting emphasis provides an opportunity to work toward or obtain 150 credit hours required for the Uniform CPA Examination*.


  • ACCT 533: Advanced Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCT 547: Contemporary Topics in Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 551: Taxation for Corporations
  • ACCT 552: Forensic Accounting
  • ACCT 553: Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor

*Students interested in sitting for the CPA are responsible for understanding all requirements of the state they plan to obtain certification.

Corporate Financial Management Emphasis

The Corporate Financial Management emphasis provides a broad understanding of financial management, institutions, and investment strategies. The emphasis focuses on evaluating investments, developing fiscal strategies and applying financial strategies to evaluate risk.


  • FIN 531: Financial Markets and Financial Strategy
  • FIN 536: Derivatives and Risk Management
  • FIN 551: Financial Data Analysis
  • FIN 552: Investment Management
  • ACCT 553: Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor

Potential jobs that have seen growth in recent years include Financial Advisor, Financial Manager, and Financial Analyst.

General Management Emphasis

The General Management emphasis is the ideal opportunity for students to select the specific courses they want to complete their MBA. Made of five graduate electives, the General Management emphasis provides students the means to deep dive into courses that create the learning experience they want. Interested in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management? We can make that happen with our General Management emphasis.

  • MBA 501: Managerial Communication
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor

Human Resources Management Emphasis

The Human Resource Management emphasis explores theories and methods to develop training and manage the personnel resources for an organization. The emphasis has been reviewed and aligns with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) curriculum guidelines.


  • BA 524: Managing in the International Environment
  • BA 540: Labor/Management Relations
  • BA 544: Organizational and Management Theories
  • BA 546: Compensation and Benefits
  • BA 548: Development and Management of HRM
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor

HR Specialists were ranked at #16 by the U.S. News and World Report in Best Business Jobs. Having an MBA in HRM as well as other professional certifications will set you ahead of your competition.

Leadership Emphasis

The Leadership Emphasis is intended for seasoned professionals desiring an MBA with a focus on leadership. Graduates of the Leadership Emphasis will gain skills in the holistic view of leadership including foundational groundwork, globalization, diversity, and conflict management from a leadership position.


  • BA 509: Theories of Leadership
  • BA 570: Team Building Techniques
  • LDR 530: Globalization and Diversity
  • LDR 550: Leadership and Business Operations
  • LDR 560: Change Management
  • LDR 570: Conflict and Negotiation

Organizational Development Emphasis

The Organizational Development emphasis provides the skills and understanding of organizational structure, corporate culture and the ability to analyze, diagnose and develop recommendations supporting long-term change. The emphasis provides a perspective on process redevelopment and training for continual change.


  • BA 520: Training and Development
  • BA 553: Organizational Development
  • BA 555: Organizational Culture
  • BA 560: Organizational Diagnosis and Intervention
  • BA 570: Team Building Techniques
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor

Careers for professionals with an MBA in Organizational Development can vary greatly. Positions can range from Personnel Development Consultants to Leadership and Organizational Development Specialists. An Organizational Development emphasis can increase opportunities for executive-level management positions as well (source).

Sport Administration Emphasis

The Sport Administration emphasis integrates topics specific to sport with high level business administration content from the MBA. Students of the Sport Administration emphasis delve deeper into the specifics of sport administration, strengthening their knowledge of the industry and applying the knowledge in leadership roles. This emphasis is an excellent option for those in professional sports, intercollegiate athletics, high school athletic departments, and not-for-profit sports programs just to name a few.


  • SA 501 – Sport Administration
  • SA 525 – Sport Law and Contract Negotiation
  • SA 535 – Sport Psychology
  • SA 565 – Sport Sales and Professional Development
  • SA 575 – Sport Facility Management
  • Graduate Elective: To be chosen by student in conjunction with advisor

MBA Locations & Learning Experiences

100% Online MBA

Upper Iowa University’s MBA is available through our renowned 100% online learning experience with the flexibility of 6 start dates each year.

uiuFlex Semester

Starting Fall 2024, the MBA General Management emphasis will be available via uiuFlex Semester – our self-paced learning experience with a traditional semester schedule, online flexibility and full financial aid eligibility.

adult student in class

Unique Course Schedule

Most graduate students take one course each eight-week session, allowing for higher comprehension, achievement and balancing of your studies with your other commitments.


When you’re ready to apply for your Master of Business Administration, we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

Academic Support Services

Providing resources to support you through your classes.

Rebecca Wissmiller

Faculty Spotlight

Becki Wissmiller, MS
Lecturer of Business & Director of Master of Business Administration Program (2014)

Obtaining an MBA not only provides a graduate with all the necessary tools to assume leadership roles, but also prepares them to make significant contributions to their business, corporation or organization as a competent, innovative leader. Successful managers think ahead, understand the importance of relationships, and drive their organization forward. The MBA at UIU prepares students with both the current skills needed and the skills to be adaptable in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to students’ most frequently asked questions about UIU’s MBA. If you don’t see the answer you need, contact us for help.

How long will it take to complete the program?

The program can be completed in as little as one year. Most students complete the program in two years. Our course schedule is flexible and can accommodate most students who need to take time off.

What will an MBA do for me?

An MBA sets you apart from the rest of the application pool. As a degree, it demonstrates your education, but also your determination to be the best in your field. Your MBA from UIU will prepare you for the administrative position you want as you move forward in your career.

When does registration open for new students?

New students can enroll in any of our 6 sessions. Our MBA program does not operate in cohorts, so students can take time off if their lives require it, and will still be able to start right back up when they are ready.

Where is the MBA offered?

Our MBA and all its emphasis areas are available completely online, year round. Our core classes and select classes that are used as elective courses can be completed at select UIU center locations.