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Online Learning Readiness Tips

At UIU we understand that online courses can conveniently fit into your already busy schedule. To be more successful, we recommend using the following tips.  

  • Prepare for your class ahead of time. Complete the Student Orientation Tutorial, review the course syllabus and order your books prior to the start of class. Also, verify that you are able to login to your classroom and student email account. 
  • Participate! Participation is important in an online class. Good participation will not only improve your grade, it will allow you to learn from your classmates and allow your classmates to learn from you as well. 
  • Structure your time to study. You will need to login to your class frequently throughout the week to complete coursework, respond to discussion postings, etc. Your online coursework can be completed at any time of day and the average student spends 15-20 hours per week for one course. Remember that your course may include deadlines and instructions on assignments, but there will not be anyone telling you to “turn in your assignment.” 
  • Be polite and respectful. At Upper Iowa University, we want to create a positive learning environment for all of our students. It is important to be polite and respectful in the classroom so that each student feels valued. 
  • Ask for help. Remember that you are never alone. Regardless of whether you are having technical difficulties or academic difficulties, we are here to help you. Good communication is important for success in an online course. 
  • Apply what you learn. If possible, make connections between what you are learning to what you do in your daily work environment. By applying what you learn, you will remember it more readily. Providing real-world application examples will also help your classmates learn from your experiences. 
  • Find a source of motivation. Ultimately, motivation is a big part of what makes a successful online student. Students often tend to lose interest and motivation about half way through an online college course. Online students who can keep their eye on the prize, whether it’s graduation, good grades, or supportive learning partners, end up getting to the last day of class with a good grade and fulfilling educational experience. 
  • Engage in your online classroom. Online learning brings a huge variety of students and facultytogether through the convenience of the Internet and other technology tools. What makes a successful online student is being open to learning from other people’s personal and professional experiences. Developing friendships will also help to keep you active and engaged in your online learning community. 

Tutor Center

The Tutor Center provides free tutoring for Upper Iowa University students. We offer tutoring support for students in a variety of contents including, but not limited to: Accounting, Business, Math, Physics, and Science.

Writing Center

At the Writing Center, peer Writing Consultants are trained to work with you at any stage of the writing process. Our goal is for you to leave a more effective, informed, and independent writer.


Providing a full range of information resources and services that encourage learning, study, research, and collaboration.

Disability Services

The Disabilities Services office exists to provide services and support to our students so they can equally enjoy the academic and student life opportunities available at Upper Iowa University (UIU).