Master of Education (M.Ed.)

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Building on a strong initial licensure teacher education program, the Master of Education program through five of its emphases seeks to develop strong teacher leaders and address PK-12 practitioner needs in the areas of Early Childhood, English as a Second Language, Special Education, Reading and Talented and Gifted. 

UIU’s Master of Education program is designed to increase your skill set when working with students as well as enhance your knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be an effective leader in your discipline. Classes are taught by individuals who have strong hands-on experience teaching in K-12 and working in Higher Education.  Course scheduling is flexible- take classes online and/ or at select centers in Iowa.

The Andres School of Education at Upper Iowa University offers the Master of Education program with emphases in Early Childhood, English as a Second Language, Instructional Strategist, Reading, Talented and Gifted, Teacher Leadership, and Higher Education. Through a partnership with The 2 Sisters, graduate-level courses for teaching literacy and math skills, Daily 5© and Daily 3©, are available. UIU is the only institution endorsed by The 2 Sisters to offer graduate level coursework in Daily5©/CAFE and Daily 3©. Programs are offered on campus, at some of the UIU centers, and online. Check the specific program to determine availability. 


Within the M.Ed. emphases, UIU offers advanced coursework in the areas of Early Childhood Education, English as a Second Language, Reading, Special Education, Talented and Gifted, Teacher Leadership and Higher Education. Additional information specific to the curriculum is available in the M.Ed. Handbook

Program Admission

Requirements for admission to the Master of Education program can also be found in the M.Ed. Handbook

Emphasis Areas:

    • Early Childhood
      • Birth-Grade 3: Inclusive Settings
    • English as a Second Language
      • English as a Second Language K-12
    • Instructional Strategist
      • Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate (K-8 and/or 5-12)
      • Instructional Strategist II: Behavior Disorders/Learning Disabilities K-12
      • Instructional Strategist II: Intellectual Disabilities K-12
    • Reading 
      • Reading (K-8 and/or 5-12)
      • Reading Specialist

Certificate Programs

Four 15-credit certificate programs are offered at Upper Iowa University: Literacy Coach and Teacher Leadership. Six of the 15 credits may be transferred for the certificate. Financial aid is not available for certificate programs. 

Available only at UIU:

Tuition Grants

Ask about our special grants for non-degree seeking students. Financial aid is available for students enrolled in the M.Ed. In addition to student loans, qualified applicants can receive up to $4000 a year in TEACH grants.

Master of Education Program (M.Ed.) Locations and Course Offerings

Master of Education Program (M.Ed.) is offered at each of the locations listed below. Course scheduling is flexible - take classes online and/or at any of the centers. Course schedules for each location are available by clicking on the links.