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CNSL 585 School Counselors as Leaders in Re-Imagining Student Discipline Practices

Credits: 3
  • Admission to MSC degree program or consent of program director.
Distance Learning Options:

Engagement fosters successful teaching and learning for both students and educators. In this course, school counseling and other graduate students will learn how stress, including that which is related to personal, collective, and historical trauma may impact safety, relationships, regulation, and learning. Trauma-sensitive and equitable practices will be emphasized as a way to re-imagine not only how to understand and address behavior as part of school discipline but also to foster three things: 1) classroom communities marked by justice, equity, inclusion, diversity, and cultural responsiveness, 2) healthy management of stress responses, and 3) emotional, social, and academic success. This requires examining how injustice, including racism, impacts school discipline so that school counselors and other educators can be agents of positive change in their work with students and for students.