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Course Category: MBA Foundational

This course provides an introduction to financial concepts and principles. The course provides learners with an overview of the acquisition, analysis, and reporting of accounting information from the perspective of effective management decision-making in a global business environment. Attention is also given to the role of the financial system in the economy, investment analysis, and the financial decisions of business firms as related to capital budgeting, capital structure, and responsibility in the conduct of business financial operations. This course will not satisfy a Graduate Elective in any emphasis area of any graduate program.
Graduate standing
Communication skills have consistently been ranked in the top five characteristics of successful managers for many years. Being able to communicate effectively is also a key component for success in academic situations as well. Through-out this course students will examine various communication strategies used in the 21st Century marketplace; additionally students will learn how to utilize these strategies to communicate information effectively using a variety of communication styles/tools. The course will provide students with the feedback, tools and coaching for both their academic and professional careers.