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Student Enrollment Center

The Student Enrollment Center (SEC) coordinates functions across the university to provide enrollment services to prospective and current student through graduation.  The SEC includes eight different offices to support our students: Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Military and Veteran Services, Document Processing, Inbound Student Support, Admissions and Academic Advising for our distance education programs.    

Location: First floor of Garbee Hall on the Fayette Campus
Telephone: 563-425-5200 or toll free at 1-800-553-4150
Email: info@uiu.edu 

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Health Insurance Information

At Upper Iowa, we want to ensure students are protected in the event of a medical emergency. Though not required for domestic students, UIU strongly encourages all students to carry health insurance. If you do not have health insurance through a parent or guardian and would like to discuss how to find coverage, please contact the Director of Counseling and Wellness.

All international students are required, and will be automatically enrolled, in the UIU Student Health Insurance Plan. International students cannot waive participation in the plan. Since the cost changes from year-to-year, please contact the Center for International Education for rates at 563-425-5852 or email international@uiu.edu.

Special Health Needs

Accident/Death. If a student should sustain a serious injury, notify Student Life (daytime) or Campus Police (day or night) immediately. A member of the staff will assist the injured student and assure that prompt medical care is received. In the event of the death of a student, the Dean of Students will notify appropriate family members. Residence hall staff will notify floor members and friends.

Student Life Telephone: 563-425-5215
Campus Police Telephone: 563-425-5372

Allergy Shots. Allergy shots are available at the local medical clinic.

Immunizations. For students’ protection, they are asked to submit their immunization records.

Prescription Medications. Students wishing to have prescriptions filled locally may obtain them from Scott Pharmacy in Fayette. The costs of all medicines are the students’ responsibility. The pharmacy honors all major health insurance and credit cards. If a student has a current prescription from home that needs filling, he/she has two options:

  1. The student’s personal physician can call or fax (563-425-4530 or 800-246-0024) the prescription in to Scott Pharmacy, OR
  2. The student can bring the prescription bottle to Scott Pharmacy, and the pharmacist will have the prescription transferred. Scott Pharmacy’s local number is (563) 425-4530.

Specialists. If a student is in need of a specialist (sports medicine, optometrist, dental, OB/GYN, internal medicine, etc.), they can obtain a list of area professionals from Student Life.

Health and Injury Insurance for Student-Athletes. If the student is a student-athlete participating in one of the many sponsored sports on campus, all injuries must be reported to the Athletic Training staff to ensure proper care and documentation. Each student-athlete is required to be covered by a primary insurance policy prior to the start of any athletics activity (practice, weights, meetings etc.). The student-athlete must also have a physical prior to the beginning of each academic year. According to the NCAA, this physical must be completed by one of the following providers: MD, DO, PA, or an NP. The physical form and all associated medical documentation asked for by the Athletic Training staff must be completed prior to any participation. Please contact the Athletic Training staff with any questions.

Parking on Campus


Personal Accompaniment Safety Service

The Campus Police will provide a free service to those individuals who feel more comfortable having someone to walk with them at night.   The Personal Accompaniment Safety Service will be provided from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. and will also provide service beyond this time on a request basis only. Contact Campus Police at (563) 425-5372.

Other Fayette Campus Services

After-Hour Access. After regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.), all University academic buildings are closed and secured.  For academic reasons, students may gain access to University buildings by approval from a faculty member and Student Life.  For this privilege, students must contact their instructor.

Check Cashing and ATMs. Students who have University payroll checks may cash them at First State Bank in Fayette for a fee.

There are ATM machines conveniently located in various places in Fayette; some are indicated below:

  • UIU, First floor of Student Center: Shazam, Cirrus, Plus, Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • Farmers State Bank, Main Street:  Shazam, Cirrus, MasterCard, American Express and Discover/Novus
  • The Pumper, West Water Street:  Shazam, Cirrus and MasterCard

ID Cards. Student ID card provides free entry to all University-sponsored functions and athletic events; and for residence hall students, it is their identification in the Servery. Students are to carry their ID at all times. If a student ID is misplaced, lost or stolen, report to Student Life.  A fee is imposed for the reissuance of ID cards.

Postal Service. Residence hall students will be issued a post office box combination for their personal mailbox located in the lower level of the Student Center. Commuting students may request to have their own mailbox assignment.  Post office box assignments are issued by the post office service.  Our post office service, nicknamed “Peacock Express,” is provided by the University and includes all regular mail plus intra-campus mail such as memorandums and announcements. Let your friends and relatives know that your address will be “(Your Name), Upper Iowa University, PO Box 1857, Fayette, Iowa 52142-1860.”  To send packages via FedEx or UPS, please use “605 Washington Street” for the street address.

 Transportation. Webpage

Get Involved! 

One of the best ways to grow as a person and to explore future aspirations is to meet and interact with other people and become involved in worthwhile activities. At UIU, students have unlimited opportunities to engage in their college experience!

What is your area of interest? Athletics, Student Government, leadership programming, intramurals, Outdoor Pursuits, social or service clubs, cultural activities in art, or a group associated with your major area of study? They are all here for you. To help you find out what is available, an “Organizations Fair” is held each fall or you can check with the Office of Student Activities, which is located in the Student Center, or visit the web, or by Snapchat/Facebook at whatshappeninUIU.

The Office of Student Activities offers many opportunities for leadership and avenues for creating effective change and growth within campus organizations. Among these are: Greek Council, membership in the Peacock Entertainment Crew, Peacocks for Progress and representing clubs in Student Government. To get involved, talk to Student Activities and check out our social media.