Online, Center, and Distance Learners:

Online, Center and Distance Learners have two options for tutoring: NetTutor and Zoom tutoring.


NetTutor is a free online tutoring service integrated directly into the UIU LMS, so students have single sign-on access. NetTutor tutors are subject matter experts with previous teaching or tutoring experience. They are full-time tutors, and all have at least a bachelor’s degree; most also have post-graduate degrees. A full list of course offerings and their schedules can be found on the NetTutor website.

NetTutor is available 24/7.

To get to the NetTutor access:

  1. Sign in to uiuLearn
  2. Click “Student Resources”
  3. Select NetTutor
  4. Click on the course that you would like assistance with
  5. Follow the prompts

Zoom Tutoring:

Zoom allows our tutors to meet with students at a distance through their video chat meeting platform.

During Sessions 1-4, UIU tutors located on the Fayette campus are available to provide tutoring to students at a distance in addition to face to face tutoring on the Fayette campus. Check the tutor schedule and find a tutor whose availability and credentials match the course you would like help with.

During Sessions 5 and 6, Markus Hawes, the Tutor Center Manager is the only tutor available at the Fayette Campus. Markus is able to help with all mathematics courses and math related questions.

Zoom tutoring is available by appointment only and depends the availability of our tutors. For the most immediate assistance, check the tutor schedule for someone who tutors the course and their schedule before making an appointment. Make a Zoom tutoring appointment.  After an appointment is made, someone will contact you with a Zoom meeting invitation.  Please give at least a 24 hour notice for all Zoom tutor meetings, when possible. We will attempt to make an appointment with less notice, but we cannot guarantee it. 

If you would like to set up an appointment outside of our regular hours, or have any questions or concerns, contact Markus Hawes, the Tutor Center Manager at hawesm21@uiu.edu or 563-425-5853 for more information.