Frequently Asked Questions


1.    My office/room is too hot or too cold.

  • Staff – Submit a work order at Work Order Request
  • Students - contact your RA or Office of Student Development

2.    How do I request a key?

3.    I lost my keys!

  • Staff - call the Facilities front desk at 5796.  If outside of office hours (8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday) please call the Security Office at 5372. 
  • Student - contact your RA or the Office of Student Development

4.    Oops, I forgot my key.

  • Call the Facilities front desk at 5796 if between the hours of 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.  Outside office hours please call the Security Office at 5372. 

5.    I want new office furniture, who pays for it?

  • Contact your department head.

6.    I need something moved.

7.    The handicap doors do not work in our building.


1.    There is a toilet overflowing.

  • Call Facilities front desk at 5796 if between the hours of 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.  If outside of office hours or unable to reach anyone at the Facilities front desk please call the Facilities emergency on-call phone - 563-419-4176.

2.    My clock is not working.

3.    My lights are flickering/burned out.

4.    I have noticed a bug problem in my office/building.

7.    I have shred/secure documents to pick up.

  • Contact the Facilities front desk at 5796

8.    I have recycling to be picked up.

  • Contact the Facilities front desk at 5796

9.    Vandalism: Who do I call?

  • Contact Campus Security office phone at 563-425-5372
  • Or Contact Facilities at extension 5796.


1.    I notice an ice/snow problem.

  • Contact the Director of Grounds at extension 5760.

2.    I notice a trip hazard on the sidewalk or hanging branches.

  • Contact the Director of Grounds at extension 5760.

3.    My keys are locked in my vehicle, who do I call?

  • Contact the Fayette police at 563-425-3500, or
  • Contact Dave Collins, Collins Auto Body Repair at office 563-425-4477, cell 563-379-1688.

5.    I would like to buy a brick or donate a grounds related memorial to be placed on campus.

  • Contact the Advancement and Alumni Office at extension 5388.


1. Who can drive a university vehicle?

  • Only individuals who are qualified university drivers. To become a qualified driver complete the Qualified Driver Procedures on myUIU and submit to the Facilities office, either through campus mail or
  • To change your current driver's license to a Class D, Contact the Fayette County Treasurer's office at 563-422-3798.

2. How do I reserve a university vehicle?

3. What does my department get charged for using a university vehicle?

  • Fleet vehicle rentals are charged per mile.  This includes gas expenses.  There is a $12.50 minimum charge per trip.  Additional fees may apply based on usage.  The rates are as follows:
    • Cars=$0.35/mile
    • SUV/turtle top buses=$0.45/mile
    • Transit buses=$1.00/mile OR $150/day, whichever is cheaper

4. I have reserved a university vehicle, how do I obtain the keys?

  • A vehicle bag can be picked up at Facilities Management & Services. Inside this bag will be vehicle keys, credit card (for gas purchases only), transportation form and emergency contact information.
  • Vehicle bags can be picked up the day before the trip if there is an early departure, please indicate this when scheduling the vehicle.
  • Bags must be picked up before 5:00 PM.

5. My trip is returning after 5:00 P.M. How do I return the keys?

  • There is a mail slot to the right of the main door at Facilities. Please insert the vehicle bag and contents in the mail slot.

6. I need transportation to the airport or bus station.

  • Transportation can be scheduled to Cedar Rapids or Waterloo. The cost for transportation is $100 per trip and can be split between the persons requesting transportation. Trips must be scheduled at least one week in advance. Contact the Event Manager at 5848 or
  • Cedar Rapids Airport also offers airport shuttle service to campus for a fee. Contact the Cedar Rapids Shuttle Service at 1-800-725-8460.


All phone inquiries should be directed to the I.T. Helpdesk at extension 5876.