Contributing Oral Histories to UIU Archives

UIU alumni are proud of their peacock status!  Share your stories about the people and events while you were a student, and how Upper Iowa University helped you later in life.

Record your memories of UIU friends, events, classes, and other experiences while you attended college.  Discuss how your UIU experiences impacted your career and life after graduation.  Through the voices of our alumni, we are seeking to build and expand on the story of UIU - its history, and its impact on the UIU community around the world.  If you have words of advice for current and future students, be sure to include those as well!

Oral histories collected by the Archives will be shared with fellow alumni, friends of the university, researchers, and current and future students.

There are several options to record and submit your oral history to the UIU Archives:

  1. Set up an appointment or do it yourself
    1. Fayette Campus: contact the Archivist for an appointment. 
    2. Homecoming: a schedule of recording sessions will be available during Homecoming
    3. Alumni office visits to your town.  Schedule interviews during visits
    4. Do it yourself
  2. Record the interview
  3. Sign the agreement form
  4. Optional: donate photographs, letters, artifacts, and other items

Do you know someone we should interview?  Submit their information through our online form.