Self-Paced Degree Program

The Upper Iowa University Self-Paced Degree Program offers two convenient formats to complete your coursework, web-based and paper-based.  The self-paced program offers majors for students looking to earn their associates and bachelors.  

  • Complete your full degree through either Self-Paced degree program
  • Federal Financial Aid is available (for those who qualify)
  • Classes start on the 1st day of each month
  • Difference between Paper-based and Web-based
    • Paper-based
      • Does not require a computer
      • Assignment submitted to instructor by mail or email
      • Exams are conducted through use of a proctor 
    • Web-based
      • Computer and internet access is required
      • Assignments and exams are completed through our web-based classroom
      • Demo Course available 
  • Military Friendly
  • Corporate Advantage Program
  • Catalog

What makes a successful student?

Self-paced courses offer students opportunities to learn in new ways and makes learning available to many who cannot attend a traditional class. However, self-paced study courses are not for everybody, just as not every student is successful in traditional college classes. To be successful, students who study at a distance should be able to:

  • Practice time management
  • Write well
  • Think critically
  • Participate actively

Transcripts can be mailed to: 

Upper Iowa University
PO Box 1857
Fayette, IA 52142-1857

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