Transfer Students To/From UIU Fayette or UIU Hong Kong

Students posing for a photo. In order to transfer to/from UIU Fayette or UIU Hong Kong, please submit the following documents:

1) Submit the Change of Location form.

2) Submit a copy of your passport biographical page.

3) Submit financial documents.

International students must submit financial documents as evidence of the ability to pay all fees and expenses for one full year. All financial documents must be originals (no faxes, scans or copies will be accepted), in English and no older than six months. Please see the Financial Requirements Form to determine how much the financial statements must show.

If you will be supported by a family member or another person, you must also submit the Affidavit of Support.

Once ready, please mail or drop off all of the original documents listed above (no copies) to the appropriate contact:

Course Search

Available courses at the Fayette campus can be found online


Only students who will be attending the Fayette campus for more than one (1) year are eligible to pursue an internship.


UIU has two scholarships available for students transferring to the Fayette campus from UIU Hong Kong:

  • International Ambassador Scholarship ($14,000): Awarded to students who have 3.0 CGPA or above at the time of application.*
  • International Peacock Scholarship ($10,000): Awarded to students who have a 2.00-2.99 CGPA at the time of application.*

UIU CIE reserves the right to request additional documentation and/or conduct interviews when appropriate in order to make an admissions decision.