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2017-18 Annual Costs

Upper Iowa University wants every student to graduate with as little debt as possible. Be sure to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year after January 1 to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Many students are surprised to find out they are eligible, so be sure to complete the FAFSA and have the results sent to UIU. Our code is 001893. The debt rate for Upper Iowa students upon graduation is, on average, among the lowest from public four-year or other private colleges and universities in Iowa. Be sure to use the Net Price Calculator to estimate your annual costs at UIU. Tuition, room and board, and other fees are set by the UIU Board of Trustees each year. Here are the current costs.

Fayette Campus

Tuition fees for subsequent years may be subject to change. 

Description Amount
Fayette Campus Tuition (Course load of 12-18 credit hours per semester) $28,850 annually
Fayette Campus rate per credit hour under 12 credits $1,200
Fayette Campus Student Fee (The Student Fee is non-refundable and will not be adjusted when a student withdraws/changes enrollment status)  $750 annually

Fayette Campus Board Charges:

Meal Plan* Annual Cost Semester Cost Dining Dollars** Availability
Peacock Basic
(130 meals served, 10 guest meals)
$3,570 $1,785 $300 per semester Only Lee Towers and Hofmaster Residents
Peacock Blue
(All meals served**, 10 guest meals)
$4,560 $2,280 $150 per semester All
Peacock Platinum - best value!
(All meals served**, 10 guest meals)
$4,704 $2,352 $300 per semester All
Commuter Block Plan (40 meals)*** $700 $350 $50 Commuters
Commuter Block Plan (80 meals)*** $1,250 $625 $50 Commuters

* Meals are used in the Servery 

** Indicates Dining Dollars that are included with this meal plan.  Dining Dollars can be used in the Servery and for food/beverages at Pavo Blue and concession stands.  Declining balance can be added to at anytime.

*** Purchased in Dining Service only.

Fayette Campus Room Charges: (All single room assignments are subject to availability)

Resident Hall/Room* Annual Cost Semester Cost
South Village 1 - Double Room $3,900 $1,950
South Village 1 - Single $5,600 $2,800
South Village 1 - Single Plus $6,100 $3,050
South Village 2 or 3 - Double Room $4,200 $2,100
South Village 2 or 3 - Single $5,800 $2,900
South Village 2 or 3 - Single Plus $6,300 $3,150
Garbee Hall - Double Room $3,300 $1,650
Garbee Hall - Single Room $4,800 $2,400
Hofmaster - Double Room $4,460 $2,230
Hofmaster - Single Room $6,260 $3,130
Lee - Double Room $4,600 $2,300
Lee - Single Room $6,500 $3,250

2017-18 Other Fayette Campus Costs/Fees

  • Books or instructional materials are generally required with each course.
  • Some courses require additional course fees.
  • Interim classes requiring travel are charged an additional fee, based on the trip.
  • Tuition and fees for subsequent years may be subject to change.
Fee Description Cost
Audit Fee (per semester credit hour) $95
Master of Education (rate per semester credit hour) $452
Master of Business Administration (rate per semester credit hour) $548

Centers and Distance Education

In the 2017-18 academic year, undergraduate and graduate tuition costs for UIU educational centers, online courses, self-paced degree program, and international students are:

Location/Program Undergraduate Tuition Per 3-Credit Hour Course*
 Arizona (Mesa Nursing)  $1,323
 Illinois (Rockford)  $1,323
 Iowa (Cedar Rapids Undergraduate, Cedar Rapids Nursing, Des Moines Undergraduate, Des Moines Education, Des Moines Nursing, Quad Cities Undergraduate,  Quad Cities Education, Waterloo Undergraduate, Waterloo Education)  $1,323
 Iowa (Des Moines M.Ed., Quad Cities M.Ed, Waterloo M.Ed.)
 Iowa (Des Moines MBA, Quad Cities MBA, Waterloo MBA) 
 Iowa (Waterloo MSC)
 Kansas (Fort Leavenworth, Fort Riley)  $615
 Louisiana (Alexandria, Baton Rouge, DeRidder, New Orleans)
 Louisiana (New Orleans military rate)
 Louisiana (Fort Polk)
 Oklahoma (Fort Sill)
 Oklahoma (Fort Sill Goodyear)
 Wisconsin (Blackhawk, Elkhorn, Madison, Milwaukee, Prairie du Chien, Wausau)
 Wisconsin (Milwaukee MPA)
 Self-Paced Degree Program  $975
 Online Undergraduate, Online Education, Online Nursing  $1,323
 Online Master of Business Administration
 Online Master of Education
 Online Master of Public Administration
 Online Master of Sport Administration
 Daily 3, Daily 5  $486
 International Centers  Please contact the Center

*Number of credit hours may vary by course

NOTE: Tuition is capped at $250 or less per credit hour for active duty service members, and all DOD cardholders are eligible for a 10 percent tuition grant. Some other tuition grants may be available to members of certain business partnerships.
Complete list of undergraduate fees and costs at U.S./international centers and online


Graduate Students

In the 2017-18 academic year, graduate tuition costs for UIU educational centers are:

Graduate Program Graduate Tuition Per 3-Semester Hour Course
Daily 3, Daily 5 $486
Master of Business Administration (Online, Des Moines, Fayette, Quad Cities, Waterloo) $1,644
Master of Counseling (Waterloo) $1,380
Master of Education (Online, Des Moines, Fayette, Quad Cities, Waterloo) $1,356
Master of Public Administration (Online, Milwaukee) $1,560
Master of Sport Administration (Online) $1,350

Other fees.
Members of active military service and their families are eligible for tuition grants.
All annual costs are set by the Upper Iowa Board of Trustees and are subject to change each year.


Intensive English Program

Type of Cost Tuition Fees Living Expenses** Health Insurance Orientation Fee*** TB Testing Fee*** Total
Amount  $9,000 $750   $8,060  $1,240 $200   $86  $19,436

**Accommodation estimates are based on a 2-person traditional-style residence hall with a standard 19-meal per week plan. Actual costs may vary.
*** First semester only, Fall and Spring semesters only