Tax Information

Every January Upper Iowa University provides the IRS a 1098-T tax form for all students who were enrolled during the previous tax year. The main purpose of the 1098-T form is to help students and/or their parents determine whether or not they are eligible to receive a tax credit for a given tax year. The 1098-T forms are made available online through a third party processor, Heartland ECSI. If you have any questions related to your 1098-T statement and to access an electronic copy of your 1098-T statement on the Heartland ECSI portal, please visit the Heartland ECSI 1098-T Information Page.

If you do not know your Heartland ECSI PIN, please click the following Retrieve Credential Page. Once logged in, under ‘My Account’ select Tax Information and retrieve your 1098-T.

To access your 1098-T statement online, you will need:

  • School code: A1
  • Account number: Your Social Security Number

ECSI Contact Information: