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Resources and Assistance

Why do an internship?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE): “Internships provide you with an opportunity to learn in a real work environment with professionals in your field . . . you’ll be able to develop key competencies, skills, and work characteristics that employers seek . . . You’ll also have a better understanding of what people in your field do, gain more confidence in your abilities, and learn how to get things done. In general, you’ll be better prepared to enter the world of work and your field.”

Internship Packet Materials

Please choose the appropriate internship packet based on your major and follow the process instructions provided on the Student Internship Orientation page for registration of the appropriate internship course number. Contact Career Development at [email protected] with questions.

Internship Resources

Please note this is not a final list of internship resources and opportunities. Please contact Career Development for more information or to discuss your specific situation.

Internship Opportunities