Financing Your College Education

Making money during college is tough, especially if you’re fresh out of high school and in your first year. Scholarships and loans are always available to help you, but scholarship competition can be fierce and loans can be a burden, potentially taking several years if not longer to pay back after graduation.

Aspiring students are finding more creative ways than ever to make some extra money online to pay for college. Here are some ingenious ways to make money online while you’re in the midst of your college studies.

Making Money Online While in College

  1. Sell DIY projects, products and crafts – DIY culture is in, with consumers turning toward handmade products and art pieces to add character to their homes or offices. Some degree course programs require that students take arts-related classes. Use those classes as an opportunity to create artwork you can sell online, from stained glass to ceramics or metal sculptures to architectural models. Ingenuity isn’t just limited to the arts though. If your chemistry class just taught a section on chemicals in cosmetics, try your hand at making perfume, soap or ointments for the skin and selling them online.
  2. Start a YouTube channel – YouTubers can make money off their videos if they reach 1,000 views. The luxury of YouTube is you can shoot videos for it using anything from a standard smartphone, your laptop camera or professional camera equipment. Start by thinking of a topic that’s relevant to fellow college students and people your age and plan a series of videos around it. A topic about your degree or career path is another great topic to start with. Your experiences with college can make for a great series. If you’re a dance student, show off what you’ve learned and how to nail certain moves in “how-to” videos. Know of any spots on campus that have awesome views of the surrounding area? Take viewers on an adventure and show them how to get there in your video.
  3. Become a tutor – Tutoring is a great way to not only reinforce what you’ve learned, but to share your wealth of knowledge with others. Some colleges have paid tutoring programs where you can tutor peers for a small fee paid by the college. However, professional, online tutor companies exist that look for experienced college tutors. They generally pay their tutors more than college-based tutors and allow you to post a profile you can share with other students and tutor remotely via Skype or webcam.
  4. Sell your photography – Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply love capturing spur-of-the-moment photos, you can sell your photos online to stock image companies. Companies like Shutterstock will take your photos and put them on their website and give you a share of the cut. Whether it’s pictures of nature, buildings or land formations, most photo stock companies will accept it as long as the photo is high quality. Keep in mind that large crowd photos are acceptable but a photo of two people or less will likely be rejected (pictures of two people or less generally require the subject’s permission). Make your photos purposeful and artistic and your photo will be highly sought after, ensuring you get paid.
  5. Turn in old devices – Not sure what to do with your outdated tech? Some companies will pay you to take it off your hands. Many of these companies will use them for tests and research. Just ensure that your phone or device can be turned on, is in reasonable condition, has had its memory wiped (for your own information security) and has the original battery still inside.
  6. Advertise a service on Fiverr – Fiverr is a service for users who are looking to pay someone to perform a service, whether it’s to teach a language class or simply recite a slogan for a new company or brand. Some activities can be fun (such as performing pranks or delivering a message in costume) or serious (create a business proposal, perform data research or enter complex data).

Fund Your Education in a Career with Upper Iowa University

One way to make money on the side is to work for the university you’re attending. Upper Iowa University often hires student workers for various departments and positions on campus. Students have the opportunity to learn valuable employment skills while studying for their degree. Contact UIU today to apply.