Have You Ever Considered Working in the Emergency/Disaster Management Field?

From wildfires to hurricanes, earthquakes to tornados, every year the United States experiences natural disasters that result in catastrophic physical and human devastation. Obtaining an undergraduate degree in emergency and disaster management from Upper Iowa University, prepares students to understand, manage and alleviate the impacts of natural disasters.

Here are three things to know if you’re researching colleges and universities that offer a degree in emergency and disaster management.

Emergency management is a rising job market.
Short-term and full-time positions are needed around the world to immediately mitigate disasters and provide relief. Government contracts are being awarded and secured so that responders can be dispatched as soon as needed—sometimes even in advance when forecasts allow.

Vacancies exist in the obvious roles, such as first responders and emergency medical personnel, which require technical or medical knowledge and experience, but even more positions are being developed for other positions.

You could find a position in analytical or support roles in data science, planning, finance, administration and casework. Maybe you’d like to be a drone pilot or a volunteer services specialist. A degree in emergency and disaster management will show you the path to these and many, many more career options.

Disaster relief is a flexible and fulfilling profession.
Do you like to travel to various parts of the country? Are you interested in exploring the world? Do you have a passion for public service and helping others? This field provides ample opportunities to achieve all of these goals and interests.

When disaster strikes in the United States, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) lists a wide array of immediate, temporary positions available for those with a calling to help with clean-up efforts, as well as with securing temporary housing, food, and other resources for disaster survivors.

Temporary jobs typically last from four months to a year and range from office work to field work; perhaps you will clear debris and dig ditches or assist survivors applying for aid. You can explore different regions and jobs, and choose long- or short-term projects, all while helping your fellow man.

Humanitarian work is good for the heart.
Sometimes working for the sake of a paycheck is not enough. If you have a desire to do more, to make an impact, to help people struck by misfortune or disaster, either locally or globally, a degree in emergency and disaster management will prepare you to do just that.

FEMA and other worldwide relief organizations like CARE International and the World Health Organization, are always seeking talented and hard-working people to help support whatever emergency response and recovery efforts are paramount at the time.

If you find yourself drawn to help others and think the field of emergency and disaster management might satisfy your educational and career goals, the degree program at Upper Iowa University could be the right fit for you. Online college courses and traditional coursework are at your fingertips. Learn more today by calling 800-553-4150.