What Can You Do with a BA in English?

Upper Iowa University (UIU) offers a comprehensive English program that covers reading, grammar, writing, American culture, and listening and speaking. UIU courses and accredited online degree programs afford many opportunities for those who successfully complete them.

Writing and speaking are communication skills applicable to almost any career. True, English majors graduate prepared to teach, and many do, but there are many other potentially lucrative English degree employment opportunities, including:

  • Journalism: A journalist must put facts and ideas together into cohesive articles and other materials. There are many opportunities in the field and ways to get started. You might start with the college newspaper and move to print, TV broadcasting, or radio, but many of today’s journalists are working in electronic media.
  • Publishing: Landing a job as a copy editor, fact checker or editor for a publishing firm requires a background in writing. This field is not only about books and magazines. Financial companies, marketing firms and other companies have publishing divisions that require specific skills and expertise, attained through BA programs and accredited online degrees.
  • Writing: A writer, educated by a rich curriculum, can work in fiction and non-fiction. You may end up writing novels or screenplays, magazine articles or web content. Perhaps you’ll work for a company writing marketing materials or work as a technical writer, producing documentation and instructional manuals. The median annual salary here, according to Monster.com, is over $49,000.

Higher Paying Jobs for English Majors

Earning over $60,000 a year is possible with an English degree. Here are some examples of such jobs:

  • Sales: Professionals such as sales account managers must use superior written and oral communication skills to work with clients. Maintaining business relationships requires problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to create and implement strategies.
  • Proposal manager: You could earn $65,000 or more writing proposals and being persuasive (Monster.com). To do the writing, coordinate a team, and prepare a proposal, one needs to be a master at the English language.
  • IT project management: Although often associated with more technical skills, working in IT involves breaking down complex ideas, planning, coordinating, and directing activities. Grammar skills, therefore, go hand in hand with computer knowledge in this field.
  • Corporate communications: A corporate communications director can earn an average of $128,000, according to a Forbes overview. Former English majors can end up at the head of a company’s PR team or land lucrative positions as editorial directors, senior writers, editors-in-chief or content strategists.

Upper Iowa University’s Campus-based program offers the advantages of small class sizes, field trips, and creative writing courses. You have a choice between the traditional English major, with its emphasis on literature and culture, or a creative writing track which explores your own potential for contributions to the world of literature.

Over the last 35 years, 100 percent of our English majors have been admitted to graduate school programs. Many have gone on to work as chefs, economic development officers, editors, judges, and state legislative representatives. Learn more about our university courses and English program by requesting information online or calling 800-553-4150.