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One of the best ways alumni can give back to their alma mater is the gift of a student referral. With this in mind, UIU’s Alumni Office is excited to announce the new Alumni Referral Award, which provides a tuition award of up to $4,000 to students attending as a result of an alumni referral!   

Simply use the Alumni Referral Award form below to share information about a student (or several!) you know who you think should join our Peacock Family. Referrals are encouraged for any NEW prospective UIU students who have reached their junior year in high school or beyond, regardless of whether they wish to take classes at Fayette Campus, other UIU locations, self-paced or online. 

Our Admissions team will be alerted to your referral, and if that student attends UIU, they will receive a tuition award of up to $4,000 in YOUR name ($500 per semester – 8 semesters total). Alumni who successfully refer students will be recognized by the Alumni Office. Thank you for helping to grow our flock! 

*Scroll down to the FAQ section for some additional information. 

Click here to view alumni who've made a referral!

(updated 7/10/2024)

Bridget (Pfiffner) Adam ’02
Teshara Aisola ’17
Jason Alber ’14
Arthur Alvarez ’00
Spenceyawnti St. Amant ’22
Daniel Anderson ’13, ’21
Jessica Armstrong ’21
Miquel Aubert ’20
Cynthia Babb ’22
Angela (Kuntz) Bacon ’98
Michelle Bankston ’23
Nikki (Petersen) Bergmeier ’18
Lynetta Berniard ’16
Tina (Harris) Biddle ’19
Adam Bierstedt ’23
Katelyn Billot ’23
Travis Brooks ’17
Marnie Brown ’15
Dawn (England) Bull ’22
Tony Burrell ’15
Felicia Bush ’23
Joshua Carpenter ’22
Adrian Chalona ’20
Stacey Champagne ’23
James “Jim” Clark ’73
Lynell Clark ’20
Heidi Clement ’17
Damien Collier ’12, ’19
Devery Cook ’21
Victor Coronado ’14
Angalisa (Guerrero) Cruz ’00, ’23
Crystal Cryer ’99
Brian Cushion ’00
Mariah Cushion ’18
Lisa (Oelkers) Daak ’98
Melissa Davis ’19
Jenn Day ’22
Deauna Dobard ’22
Keith Dowling ’16
Dustin Ducote ’18
Clarisa Duplessis ’21
Dixie (French) Dusang ’22
Anthony Edenfield ’16
Walter Edmond ’21
Sharonda Cooper-Epps ’17
Chanel Favaroth ’20
Jamie Fleming ’21
Lauren Fredell ’24
John Fulgencio ’18
Robert Fulwood ’96
Damien Gaines ’23
Natalie Garrison ’20
Lawanna Gaylen ’19
Jessica Goltz ’21
Shay Gonzalez ’21
Deborah Graham ’12
Diandra Grasty ’18
Khadijah Gray-Washington ’21
Tasha Green ’18
Angela (Nelson) Guillot ’20, ’21
Tyler Hardeman ’14
Damond Harris ’13
Hailee Hernandez ’19
Kayla Hess ’19
Deneisha Hicks ’21
Trista Hill ’20
Shenique Holliday ’23
Melvin Hunter ’20, ’21
LaFrancis Hurts ’17, ’20
Stephen Ingargiola ’15
Howard Ivory ’10
Tasha Jenkins ’21
Jocelyn Jensen ’16
Alison Johnson ’19, ’21
Callie Johnson ’17, ’18
Salogne Johnson ’18, ’20
Latoya Jones ’18
Michail Jones ’20
Ray Jones ’17
Lesley Juarez ’24
Michelle Keller ’22
Lacey (Brown) Kelly ’19
Josie Kidd ’24
Diana Kinchen ’22
Patricia (Horton) King ’21
Shane Knoche ’95
Denisha Knox ’21
Lance Kramer ’16
Heidi Kriener ’11
Zakary Kriener ’14
Madison Krone ’23
Destiny Lacey ’17
Mary Landry ’21
Max Landry ’16
Michelle Lane ’14, ’16
Rebekah (Johnson) Lockridge ’11
Steve Marhefke ’24
Tianay Marshall ’20
Jules Martin III ’21
Stephanie (VanHorn) Maske ’97
Kelly (Horming) Maymon ’93
Nate Mendoza ’07
Todd McKay ’98
Tracy (Gorham) McKim ’18
Vicki Melton ’08
Jeanne (Raymond) Mentel ’18
Mariah Mickens ’22
Kathryn Mitchell ’18, ’20
Kristie Moore ’04
Douglas Moore ’94
Reginald Moses ’20, ’21
David Mowers ’15
Dwayne Myers ’19
Patrick Nachtman ’20
Patricia Nettleton ’15
Ryan Noonan ’13
Blanca Nunez ’17
Destinn O’Bear ’19
MacKenzie Olsen ’22
Julie Parnau ’20
Coshannon Pierson ’22
Troy Pichon ’17
Amy (Dean) Popenhagen ’06
David Praska ’10
Tyra Pruitt ’18, ’19
Phillip Pryor ’18
Kari Ratkovich ’22
Joshika Robinson ’14
Kirsty Robinson ’20
Sandra Robinson ’13
Micki (Hoodjer) Rodruck ’95
Anthony Rome ’12, ’22
William Roths ’74
Douglas Roy ’06
Cathy (Carolan) Sabelka ’12
Harry Scanlan ’68
Christopher Scheeler ’15, ’17
Tom Schmall ’17, ’20
Heather Schrock ’99
Yolanda Scott ’22
Kevin Simmons ’22
Wayne Slack ’03
Ebony Smith ’23
Jon Smith ’97
Quinta Smith ’21
Heather (Olson) Sorenson ’16
Tera (Bunn) Sperfslage ’96
Michael Stalbert ’22
Ross Steinbronn ’12, ’22
Kayli (Heine) Stohr ’17, ’20
Jada (Sternhagen) Stuckey ’14, ’18
Edward Tahhahwah ’22
Jake Taylor ’16
Kaitlin Teff ’19
Angela Thompson ’21
Terlisha Valery ’15, ’19
Jeffrey Vappie II ’17
Randall Vetter ’15
Miosha Walker ’19, ’21
Pete Weber ’18
John Wild ’21
Mark Wooden ’19
Jordan Zarate ’23
Erik Zumsteg ’20

Frequently Asked Questions

Are current students eligible to receive this tuition award?

Current and returning students are not eligible for the Alumni Referral Award.

Are there deadlines for submitting a student referral?

There are no deadlines for submitting a student referral. However, to be considered for a student referral, a student must not have applied or inquired to UIU within the last twelve months.

Is the Alumni Referral Award available to students pursuing master’s degrees?

Yes, the Alumni Referral Award includes students pursuing any of UIU’s six master’s degrees. However, students who already received a UIU degree are not eligible for the Alumni Referral Award.

Can the Alumni Referral Award be used for non-tuition costs of education (i.e. room and board, fees)?

The Alumni Referral Award, in conjunction with other state, federal, and other institutional aid, may not exceed the cost of tuition. The student’s award package may be adjusted based on federal, state and other institutional aid available.

What is the Legacy Scholarship? (Attention: Parents Who are Alumni!)

The Legacy Scholarship is available to dependents of previous graduates of Upper Iowa University.  Students must be enrolled full-time to qualify.  This grant will apply to children including adopted or legal step-children and will not exclude those children who are independent of the family due to marriage or age.  

If you are a parent (and UIU alum!) be certain to inquire about the Legacy Scholarship with your student’s UIU Admissions Counselor.

Is the student eligible if they've already inquired?

This particular award is for NEW student inquiries. If a student has already submitted a formal inquiry with UIU Admissions, been on a campus tour, or made a deposit to enroll, they are not eligible for this award.

May UIU employees who are also alums submit a referral?

While UIU employees are highly encouraged to refer students to UIU to pursue a degree, they are not eligible to complete a referral scholarship form.

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Make a Difference

One of the best ways an alumni can give back to their alma mater is the gift of a student referral.