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EDU 335 Teaching Elementary Language Arts

Credits: 3
  • Acceptance into the UIU Teacher Education Program and EDU 306 or EDU 307 or EDU 308. These courses may also be taken as co-requisites.
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This course will focus on current best-practice, research-based approaches to the teaching and learning of elementary language arts, which includes reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening and visually representing. An integrated teaching approach will be utilized to help pre-service educators develop goals and objectives, apply the Effective Teaching Strategies of the Iowa Core, enhance content knowledge, utilize methodologies, organize curriculum and assess learning in a variety of ways. Pre-service educators will develop curriculum, lessons and units based on state and national standards to use in their student teaching and teaching experiences. Integration of technology, creative arts performance arts components, and classroom management, as they apply to teaching and to student learning in the language arts are addressed.