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TO: Fayette Campus students, faculty and staff
SUBJECT: COVID-19 Cases Down Significantly

Hello Fayette Campus students, faculty and staff,

We are emailing to report that we currently have four Fayette Campus students in isolation who tested positive for COVID-19 as of Monday afternoon.  While we are striving for zero cases on campus, we are pleased with where we are now compared to when there were 20 positive cases and many more students in quarantine just three weeks ago.

This improvement in case counts can be attributed to the precautions you all are taking to keep yourself, and those around you, safe.  While we know these precautions are not always fun, we encourage everyone to remain committed to them.  In addition to wearing masks and physically distancing when possible, regularly washing your hands, and cleaning high-touch surfaces, we can further reduce our risk of infection by avoiding large groups, postponing travel, and maintaining a smaller circle of people we are around each day.  New Ecolab hand sanitizer dispensers are also being installed across Fayette Campus (filled within the week), giving us another line of defense against the coronavirus.

We encourage Fayette Campus students to continue to use the daily COVID-19 self-screening app provided by SensorRX.  This free app helps you screen for symptoms and provides you with guidance based on your answers.  We strongly encourage you to make this a routine part of your morning–the very first thing you do each day.  Be honest in your daily assessment—your friends and all those around you depend on it.  If you have not already registered for this free app, you should register by visiting; please use your UIU email when registering.  You may have also received an email from SensorRX with information to assist you in that registration process.

The Care Team and others here at UIU continue to work hard to maintain a comfortable and safe learning and living environment.  We are proud of everyone’s efforts so far, but now is not the time to let your guard down.  With your help, we can continue to take the necessary precautions that let us rest more assured and enjoy the great education and experiences that UIU has to offer.  We are #PeacockStrong and will overcome this challenge together.

Thank you and GO PEACOCKS!

UIU Care Team
[email protected]