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TO: Fayette Campus students
SUBJECT: SensorRX screening reminder

Hello Fayette Campus students,

We were made aware of a technical issue early this week with the daily COVID-19 self-screening app that impacted the ability for many to access it. The issue was immediately addressed and an update was made to the app to reduce the likelihood that it will happen again. We apologize for any difficulties you may have had with the app on Monday. If you continue to have any issues with the self-screening app, please contact the UIU Care Team.

As a reminder, this free app, provided by SensorRX, helps you screen yourself for COVID-19 symptoms and provides you with guidance based on your answers. We strongly encourage you to make this a routine part of your morning—before you leave for class or any other destination. When we are all honest in our daily assessment, and we follow the precautions prescribed by the CDC and UIU Care Plan to keep ourselves and those around us safe, our University community is a healthier place to live and learn.

Welcome back to Fayette Campus, and GO PEACOCKS! We are #PeacockStrong.

Thank you,

UIU Care Team
[email protected]