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TO: Fayette Campus students, faculty and staff
SUBJECT: Message from Pete The Peacock

Welcome back!

Pete the Peacock here. Faculty, staff and I are excited for your return to Fayette Campus and the start of Session 3 classes. Fall Semester was crazy, but I hope that each of you are recharged after the extended holiday break. UIU students, faculty and staff have all stepped up and done a great job of doing what’s necessary to maintain a safer yet welcoming Fayette Campus. And it can stay that way if we all continue to do our part. When we do, Fayette Campus is a fun and safe place to learn and live.

We need to be patient and continue doing the things that keep us safe—distancing, washing hands (and feathers), cleaning surfaces and wearing a face covering. If you have questions, check out UIU’s Care Plan. Don’t forget the COVID-19 self-screening app by SensorRX—I check in EVERY day and you should too! Finally, if you are sick, stay home and away from others! Email the amazing people on the Care Team ([email protected]) or call Student Life if you have a fever of 100.4°F or higher, or have any other unexplained symptoms. We can get through this together by being thoughtful of, and helpful to, people around us.

While you were away, I was so busy. I am posting some new friendly signs around Campus to remind us what we need to do to be safe and healthy. I have also been working to get students a new health care option right here at Fayette Campus! The brand new Winneshiek Medical Center UIU Clinic, located in Garbee Hall, opens on January 18—schedule an appointment by calling 563.425.5500. You can still get help through TeleHealth at 563.382.2911, and the people in Counseling Services are fantastic (call Student Life at 563.425.5215 or Assistant Dean/Director of Counseling and Wellness Crystal Cole at 563.425.5786).

I am so glad to have students back on Campus—it was way too quiet without you. Be safe. Be healthy. Be thoughtful. Be #PeacockStrong.

Feathers Up!

Pete the Peacock
UIU Ambassador of All Things Fun
[email protected]