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College Financing Plan

The College Financing Plan is a standardized form that is designed to simplify information about costs and financial aid to help you make informed decisions about which post-secondary institution to attend.

College Financing Plans include grant and scholarship amounts, net costs, graduation rates, loan default rates, median borrowing, and estimated monthly loan payments after graduation.

A Financial Aid Specialist is available to further assist you in estimating potential financial aid prior to enrollment. Please contact the Financial Aid office to schedule an appointment for a more personalized estimate.

Viewing Your College Financing Plan

To view your College Financing Plan — that will include much more data and details — you must first apply to Upper Iowa University and complete all the financial aid requirements.

When your College Financing Plan is ready, you can login to MyUIU> Finances > Net Partner – Menu – College Financing Plan

The information contained in this College Financing Plan is only current as of the date it is viewed or printed. The Upper Iowa University Cost of Attendance shown on this sheet is based on students enrolled full-time, and is inclusive of estimated housing and meals, books and supplies, transportation, and other education costs.