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Thanks to the generosity of over 160+ supporters we reached (and exceeded!) our 2023 Deans’ Challenge goal! UIU Academic and Student Affairs hosted a fundraising campaign to inspire all of Peacock Nation. We asked all Peacocks to come together, show pride, and support their school, alma mater, and Deans’ fund of choice.   Did they ever answer the call!  This incredible event helps UIU continue to offer a quality education that is affordable, accessible, and gives students a college experience that truly changes their lives. Thanks for being part of this Peacock event for Academic and Student Affairs!


2023 Deans’ Challenge Giving included:

  • Betty’s Team Fund (Andres School of Education) $20,710
  • Cabby Dean’s Fund (Student Life) $2,390
  • Liberal Arts Dean’s Fund $2,250
  • Firth Dean’s Fund (School of Business and Professional Studies) $1,910
  • Churbuck Dean’s Fund (Science and Mathematics)  $1,800

Big thanks to our 2023 Deans’ Challenge Donors!

All 2023 Deans' Challenge Donors

Juliann & Ron Ahrens, Jim Alderson, Lisa Ames-Kruse, Steven Andres, Christine Andres, Jeremy Ansel, Sihar Aquino, Graeme Armstrong, Jill Austin, Jill Austin, Abby Backes, Bryce Baker, Joanne Balk, Kelly Balvanz, Aboubacar Barry, Allison Behne, Tina Bodensteiner, Hannah Bridgewater, Myah Brinker, Marcia Buchs, Lowell Bunger, Jeffrey Butikofer, Sarah Call, Roy Carlson, Jennifer Carpenter, Hayley Cessna, Ari Charles, Fayette Chiropractic Clinic, Ashley Conrad, Barclays (corporate matching gift), Billie Cowley, Mariah Cushion, Debra Cushion, Joyce Dahlquist, Mark Danker, Darwin Dean, Josie Deutmeyer, Chelsea Dowell, Stuart Dunkel, Barb & Don Ehlers, Kelsey Erickson, Martin Fashbaugh, Via field, Mark Frana, Teresa Freking, Jack & Sue Frey, Tim Frey, Joel & Kathy Gabrielson, Julie Games, Missy Gates, Karla Gavin, Elizabeth Gott, Katie Grant, Tom Gray, Isaiah Gray, Jodi Grover, Marcus Gulley Jr., Alex Hansen, Philip Heckman, Debra Heldt, Jann Henkes, Israel Hernandez, Riley Hoefs, Dan Hovden, Dennis Howe, Edward Huffstetler, Pamela Humphrey, CHS Inc, Will Irons, Daniel Jacobson, Danny John, Jarrad Jones, Robert Jones, Kathleen Jones-Trebatoski, Larry Kaberle, Roy Karlson, Janet Kehe, Mike Kerns, Josie Kidd, Bill & Kim King, Kimberly & Bill King, Charles Kremer, Kristine Krivachek, Jocelyn Kuker, Gina Kuker, Joel Kunze, Carol Langerman-Aten, Barb Lauer, Angela Leete, Brenda Luzum, Daniel Lynch, Don Lyons, Rachel Majewski, Panagiotis Markopoulos, Susan Massey, Katherine McCarville, Kent McElvania, Emily McGrory, Jean Merkle, Matt Mickelson, Gail Moorman Behrens, Jan Muñoz, Tate Murty, Gina Negron, Jan and Tim O’Brien, Gabe Olson, Chris O’Shea, Lori and Tom Pace, Rich Patrick, Laila Pelds, Jennie Perez, Beth Petsche, Sherry Petty, Jill Pratt, Mike Prochaska, Bill & Jan Prochaska, Anne Puffett, Jesse Rawley, Sue Regan, Naomi and Matthew Ricci, Marshall Richards, Elise Rios, Fred Robby, Terence Roberts, Kelly Robinson, Gunner Rodgers, Marta Rosario, Danielle Rosario Cushion, Debra Sanborn, Theresa Sander, Rebecca Schmidt, Mariea Schnor, Randy Scott, Louise Scott, Susan Scott, Sara Sheeley, Paul Skrade, Matthew Snitkey, Melle Starsen, John & Mary Stavnes, Jennifer Stoffel, Carolyn Taylor, Michael Tessmer, Lowell Tiedt, Amy Tucker, Glenda Underwood- Mariani, Lizzie Van Dyk, Marcia Vanderpool, Sheila Ware, Cindy Waters, Andrew Wenthe, Sara West, Jennifer Woelke, Cheryl Young, Ryan Young, Erin Yourison, Kasey Zabloudil

Dr. Billie Cowley, Dean of Andres School of Education, poses with chalice


The winning Dean of this friendly competition of 2023 has earned bragging rights but also been awarded the coveted chalice, once used by the Upper Iowa University Ladies Professorship Association (1873-1955).  Congratulations to the winners of our Deans’ Challenge – Betty’s Team Fund (Andres School of Education) & Dr. Billie Cowley!

Donations to Academic and Student Affairs are always accepted right here or through the following options:

  • In person at the UIU Alumni Office at 513 Union Street in Fayette
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Mail a check to the Alumni Office at PO Box 1857, Fayette, Iowa 52142. Make check payable to “Upper Iowa University” and indicate designation in the memo.

Be sure to mention your deans’ fund of choice.